Wednesday, June 15, 2011

5 Fun and Creative Reading Activities

Can you see where my focus is this summer?  I really am hoping to sneak some reading opportunities into the kids' summer.  I found a few fun ideas that I wanted to pass along to you.  These can be catered to your child's level of learning.
@ Filth Wizardry
I can't wait to put these together for the kids.  I think they are perfect for them.  The spellers can help Doble sound out and create words.  The Sentence Duplos can help Lil' E move onto creating whole sentences.  Now I just need to get my hands on some Legos.

 Be adventurous and make it a game as to where you should read to your child and how. In warm weather, read next to a pond or lake, under a tree, by the pool, or even in the tree house. Be bold and carefree. One mother reads to her young child in their blow-up children's pool in the backyard during the summer months. Another mom finishes the much-anticipated daily trip to the park in the spring or fall by reading a book before they leave. Cold months can mix reading activities by having books about snowmen, snowfalls, winter holidays, or sports such as ice skating. Day care centers or child providers can add reading fun into the mix by tying it into a planned activity for the week. If the theme for the week is "Under the Sea," then the books can be about the ocean or fish.

@ Teach Mama
At the begining of the school year we made this game for Lil' E taking all his sight words.  I searched the web to find a tutorial to share with you so I didn't have to repost it.  Works perfectly because not only do you see how to make and play Sight Word Memory, but you now have a great resource in Teach Mama.

@ Teacher 2 Mom
Lil' E brought home his school journal a couple weeks ago and has been taking it along with him everywhere.  He loves to write in it.  I have been so impressed with his ability to sound words out and write his own sentences without any help.

@ The Snail's Trail
I love this simple game you can create for your preschooler.  Most of us have magnet letters laying around the house and this can be easily made.  What a great way to introduce letters and short words to early learners.