Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party Day 1

So I want to let you know of a blog party that is going on over at MomDot . It is the Christmas of Dreams Blog Party. Each day there is a new question to answer and new people to meet. If you want to participate just click on the Momdot photo to the left and join in.

Introduce Your Family and Share Holiday Photos
Sponsered by La Belle Toile and This and That by Randi

We are The Party of Five. Daddy Five is also known as JBody, Mommy Five as Peaches, and the Children Five: Lil' E, Doble, and Razy.

JBody is a chiropractor and business owner. He likes to fish, play and watch sports, UFC, and wrestling with the kiddos. I (Peaches) am a SAHM. Although I think it is the hardest job I have ever done it is the most rewarding and satisfying. In my spare time I try to scrapbook, do crafts, and make cakes. However, it seems like my spare time only comes when the kids are asleep and by that time I want to just crash. I am not your typical girl who likes to shop. Actually I HATE to shop (well for myself) I don't mind it when it comes to shopping for others. My least favorite chore is the laundry. I don't mind washing it, but it is the folding it and putting it away that kills me. There are times when we start to live out of the laundry baskets. I like to make new recipes. Do you have any that you want to share? There are a bunch of things that I could go on about, but first and foremost I love my kids and my husband. JBody and I have been married for 7 1/2 years and have 3 beautiful children. Lil' E is our four year old. He likes to play baseball and is so into spiderman. He is quite the little boy. Doble is our two year old. He is our Thomas the Tank Engine expert. Ask him who any train or car is and he will tell you. Razy just turned 1 in September. She is our little joy. She has definetly brought a new feel into our home this year. Mommy loves her boys, but there is something so fun about having a little girl. She is a big daddy fan. Just today she cried when I made her leave the house and come with me. She wanted to stay with daddy. She wouldn't let go of him. I know that makes daddy feel good. So that is a little about our family. I blog when I have the time. Which seems to be less and less. I love to look at other blog pages and see all the fun things that people create and sell.

Holiday Photos

This is our 2007 Christmas Newsletter Photo. Razy is 3 monts, Lil' E is 3 1/2 and Doble is 18 months.

Getting the kids to sit on Santa lap is a huge struggle and I know it will be this year as well. Both the boys are still a bit leary of the jolly old fella. However, by the 3rd time sitting on his lap they began to realize that he was a friendly chap. Let me just tell you that I BELIEVE in Santa still. I was NEVER told that there was no Santa. I just figured it out on my own and then continued to play along. I believe that there is a magic about the whole Santa part of Christmas. However, I also know that there is a more important side of Christmas and that is what we teach our children. That is the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. I think that you can have a balance of the two and enjoy Christmas fully.

Here is our 2006 Christmas Photo. We are all dressed up in our footie jammies. The couple up in the left corner are Papa and Mema (Peaches' parents) Uncle Austin and Auntie Bails (two of Peaches' siblings) Lil' E is on Bailes' lap and Doble is on Peaches lap. We are at my parents in front of the tree. We love my parents tree so much that we went and purchased one for our home this year. I can't wait to put it up.

Well there you have it folks. I hope that I can do this each day so that you can get to know me a little better and see what the holidays mean to me. Hey if it gets me to blog a little more it has to be a good thing. Can't wait to see those of you who decide to participate.



Those are nice pictures, It is nice when they want dadday, but sometimes i get a little jealous. Moms do most of the hard work and dads get the fun


I cried the first time my oldest kiddo picked hubby over me. It was still hard the first time the next 3 chose him too. I keep holidng out hope that my youngest will stay Mommy's buddy!


Oh my goodness, the kids are soooo cute! Great pics!


oh I LOVE that first pic! your family is amazingly beautiful!


Beautiful family! I love the footie pj's!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama

You guys have great family pics!!


I love the pajama picture. I wish I could get my family to do it.


I love your family photos! I checked out your cake link, so cute, you are so talented!


those pictures came out perfect! It is sometimes hard to get holiday pictures of the kids, asking them to stop long enough to get them in pure torture! LOL!
Happy Holidays!


Cute pictures!

I love to make cakes, too!

I just posted a new one today, if you feel like looking.


I hate shopping for myself as well. I have no issues when it comes to shopping for Morgan, but when it comes to myself - hate it.


You have a very beautiful family

3 Kids and Us

Those are great photos. I wish I could get my kids to sit still like that.

The Petersons

What a cute family! I love the pj's on the dog!!


We're a party of five as well, it's lots of fun! Only I'm just a tad more outnumbered by the boys than you are!

I love your holiday photos, they're all so good!


I wish I could get the Rhino to clean up that well! What handsome boys!! I have 2 Daddy's girls too. Feel your pain on the cryin' to leave the house thing.

Rita @ My Precious Pennies

LOVE the suits, and the doggy PJs is just too much.

Don't let me dogs see that picture...they'll start wanting Christmas PJs of their own!


Really nice pictures! You just don't see little boys in suits anymore, I love it! Happy HOlidays


You have a beautiful family! LOL we have three Thomas the Tank Engine fans at our house :).

Jaime @ Just Add Laughter

LOL! Who doesn't like laundry?? I don't mind folding, but it's the putting away. Each week, it seems like the closets get smaller!

You have a beautiful familY!