Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party Day 7

Day 7 of Christmas of Dreams Blog Party is here. For those of you just arriving hello and welcome. Remember that you can participate in the fun at any time. Come and join us over at Momdot. Let me explain again what the party is all about. Each day (except for weekends) you answer a Holiday Question. Then you get to go to other participating blogs and comment on their answers. Others will visit you and we all become friends. Hopefully in the process you can meet a new friend and even win some great prizes. Click on the Day 7 button to join in. So onto Day 7 question.

Day 7
Who is on Your Naughty and Nice Lists? and Why?
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Both my lists consist of these THREE: Lil' E, Razy, and Doble. I will have to say that their names have appeared on both lists frequently throughout the year, but will most likely end up on the nice list by the time Christmas rolls around. No matter how obnoxious or how whiny they have been throughout the day I almost always forget about it after I have had a good nights sleep and begin the next day. Table climbing, whining, messing up, fighting, and yes even the occasional biting, is always forgotten after one of their heart warming "I love you mommy", or melting smiles.

Others who have made their name on my lists would have to be my dear friend April. I am so glad that the two of us have met and become such great friends. It is so fun to have a friend who has young kids that my kids love. April if you read this I thank you for having such a sweet and caring persona that truly lets me know that you care for me, my children, my family and are willing to help out whenever. I love our "girls nights" that we can get away without the kids and shop at Joanns or get an icecream. BTW we need to go SOON. So because of the great friend and person you are you are DEFINATELY on my nice list.

JBODY: it is only obviously that he two would be on the nice list. I don't think I could have asked for a better husband. I really am lucky to have such a great man that loves me and his children and who is willing to take the roll of Daddy as well as Father. I love you!

As for the Naughty list. Other than the occasional apperances of the three children mentioned above SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS has made his mark on the list. Why the heck my children like the sponge is a mystery to me. When he is on I try to switch it fast, I just can't stand him. And last but not least....THE INTERNET. I love you, but you take up way to much of my time. Therefore you are on the naughty list and I will come up with your punishment as soon as I can think of something that won't be punishing me as well.



With cute faces like that, I cannot imagine them EVER on the naughty list!


Yeah these kids of ours sure do a lot of jumping from list to list huh?
adorable pictures


I Love your naughty list. I don't like Sponge Bob either.


Your kids are much too cute for the naughty list. But I totally understand, mine was close to getting himself on that list today too.


i loathe spongebob! luckily, my girl knows we don't like it, so calls me in to change the channel when he comes on.

Erin Tales

LMAO! Love youre naughty list. The Internet is VERY BAD!


i should have put the internet on my naughty list


Alisha, my dear friend,
I appreciate your kind words.They touched me in such a way that words cannot express. I value your strength, happy spirit,and cheery attitude toward life. I too hope we can continue "Girls Night Out" as our special monthly ritual!
Love Ya!