Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party Day 10

Well the blog party over at momdot is coming to an end. We still have a couple questions left to answer.

Day 10
Do You Decorate for the Holiday?
Do You Have a Themed Tree?
Do You Think There is Such a Thing as Over Decorating?
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Of course I decorate for the holidays. Actually to tell you the truth I have beeen itching to start for the passed month. I love decorating for Christmas and can't wait till I can this weekend. I love lights, music, garland, the whole shabang.
I don't have a themed tree. Never have and probably never will. I love a tree that is full of ornaments that mean something. Our tree has slowly gotten fuller as the years have progressed. The first year we were married we couldn't afford much so we gingerbread boys and girls out of cinnamon and glue. The kids get a new ornament each year as well. This year we made ornament balls with handprint snowmen. I don't remember who it was, but someone shared this tradition on their day 2 post. If it was you leave me a comment so I can give you credit. They turned out so cute and I can't wait to give them to my parents and inlaws as well as put them on our tree.
As for over decorating...Maybe. However, I love a cram packed Christmas tree. You can get a little over excessive on the lights and I will admit that I have done this. One year our tree was a fire hazard 1800 lights on a 6.5 foot tree. Yeah I know way to many. This is why I bought a prelit tree this year. I had putting the lights on the tree. I don't have pictures to share, but promise to post pictures when we decorate the tree this weekend.
Happy Decorating!