Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas of Dreams Blog Party Day 2

Day 2 of Christmas of Dreams Blog Party is here. For those of you just arriving hello and welcome. Remember that you can participate in the fun at any time. Come and join us over at Momdot. Let me explain again what the party is all about. Each day you answer a Holiday Question. Then you get to go to other participating blogs and comment on their answers. Others will visit you and we all become friends. Hopefully in the process you can meet a new friend and even win some great prizes. Click on the Day 2 button to join in. So onto Day 2 question.

Day 2
Traditions, what are some of your favorite family traditions?
What are some that you want to begin?
Like many of you, I love the holiday season. I have to refrain myself from pulling the decorations out too early, and playing the Christmas music before Thanksgiving has even arrived. I love the Traditions that come along with the season, the feel, and family. So on Thanksgiving after a huge dinner at Mema and Papa's, put up the Christmas Tree and begin, decorating and listening to music.

JBody and I both come from large families and the two of us have traditions that we have combined together to do with our own family. There are some that we have even started ourselves. Let me share with you some of our favorites.

The normal that most families enjoy include: Christmas Baking, Christmas Dinner, Caroling, and Secret Santas. When we go caroling with JBody's family we bring cookies to those we are singing to. When we go with my parents we do caramel corn. The kids love singing Jingle Bells. And for months after they are still singing it.
I think our biggest tradition is our Christmas Eve Program. Every Christmas Eve we enjoy finger foods and then begin our annual program. When we were younger each person in the family contributed a talent (singing, playing an instrument, poem, ect.) Now that some of us are married and have our own children, families can do the talent together. Some years it is a huge crack up. JBody and I usually sing a song that we compose, telling of the years recent events. My Brother Skyler never has to worry because he has been sing Silent Night since he was like 6 (we have heard the song for about 16 years in a row now). After talents are shared we listen to (sometimes acting out the story of the birth of Jesus) and sing songs in between. Everyone opens one gift and puts on their Christmas Jammies. Papa then reads The Night Before Christmas and for the past 5 or 6 years we have been interupted by Santa. The whole event is something to look forward to.
(I am having technical difficulties, but hopefully will have two videos to share ith you soon.)
For each of the kids first Christmas's we took pictures of them in their Santa outfits. Their first tree ornament is a picture of them in their outfits. Not necessarily the one that I have posted.

Lil' E's first ChristmasDoble's First Christmas

Razy's First Christmas

When I was younger all the siblings would sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve and get up really early. We couldn't wake the parents till 6, but we were always up and seeing what Santa brought in the stockings and unwrapped by 4. I think we all slept in the same room till I was married.

Each year we take a picture of the gifts with our life size Santa Clause. I know it looks like a lot of presents, but understand we have been going home for Christmas. This is gifts for the kids, grandkids, Mema, and Papa.



your Xmas tree is beautiful!! and some are the pictures of the babies....aww!! Xmas is in the air for sure!


They are SO super cute in their santa outfits!!!

I LOVE big families!


I love the Santa outfits. They are so cute.


awww, what sweet photos you've shared!


Your Christmas program sounds so good!! Cute photos too!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide

We used to do something similar at my grandmas-singing, dancing and such. Those pics are TOO CUTE! Here's My Day 2!


What adorable photos! The Christmas program sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

CompleteLee Blogger

Love the Christmas talent program idea. Totally cute baby Santas you've got there too!

3 Kids and Us

That is awesome that you go caroling, no one seems to do that anymore.


I would LOVE to go caroling!

Nobody does that around here.

Love the Santa outfits, too!


P.S. Thanks for the sweet comments you left yesterday!


That's alot of loot under your tree. How fun.


Your children in the Santa outfits are too cute!


Christmas at your house look like so much fun! I love the pictures. ;)

Rita @ My Precious Pennies

Ooo! The santa outfits are so adorable!