Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"STAY"cation Destination WINNER!!!

First I want to give a big thanks to those of you who played along with our "STAY"cation Destination contest.  Those of you who didn't can play along next time and believe me there will be a next time!! We had so much fun going to various places around us.  There are more places we wanted to go to but with the weather it was a bit hard.  And I will have to be honest.  I think I bit off alot more than I could chew by taking the kids to all these places ALONE!!! It would have been more fun to have daddy along with us that is for sure.  However, we had a blast and the kids loved going on the adventures that we went on.  THANK YOU CARMEN for the great idea!  It made me realize that I LOVE where we live.  Mountains, Ocean, Beach, ect. all within miles of eachother.

So without further ado... the winner of our "STAY"cation  Destination contest is CARMEN!
Carmen guessed 3 of the 8 destinations right. That means I must have made this really hard.  I really didn't mean to.  Becky, Carli, Amy and the 3 Amigos all had 2 correct. And Emily had one correct.  I know she would have gotten a couple more if she would have guessed on them.  Next time we do this I will have to make them a bit more obvious. 

Below are the answers to the Contest. 
 If you click on the answer it will take you to the original post
where you can take a look at the destination again.  

Destination One
Salt Creek

Destination Two
Falls View

Destination Three
Gardner Beach

Destination Four

Destination Five
"The Tressel"

Destination Six

Destination Seven
"Camp Judd"

Destination Eight
Thanks again for playing along. 
Definately come back to play the next time.



Oh! I can't believe I won!! How exciting - I don't win things very often!! I will have to visit some of these FUN places - I can't believe you went to Salt Creek. I thought I recognized the stairs, but I think something else threw me off - did I guess that one?? Anyway, that was one of the places I was thinking I'd like to go for the next "stay-cation" Thanks for doing this with me - it was fun, wasn't it??!!

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