Monday, April 12, 2010

Sister Eveland: Week 1 in the MTC

It has taken me awhile to get this posted, but here is the first letter we recieved from Sister Eveland.  I will post all her letters on here so that family and friends can hear all about her mission.  If you would like to write her take a look on her facebook or leave a comment with your email and I will give you her address. 

Kumusta, Pamilya ko! (and friends)

I still cannot believe that I am here at the MTC. The past few days have been so crazy, but I love it here. The spirit is amazing. I am going to use numbers so I can keep my thoughts together better. I only have 27 min left to e-mail.

1. I love my district. We are all going to the Philippines but not all to the same mission. My companion is Sister Brown, she is from Virginia. She is really nice. Then there is Sister Schardt and Sister English. They are our roommates as well. All of the Elders are from either Utah or Idaho, except for two Elder Tangi is from New Zealand, he is Tongan, and Elder Teo is from Samoa. They are really cool. There are 10 of us total.

2. Sister Schardt got sick on Friday, she had flu symptoms. They take this stuff serious here. She was tested for the flu and the results came back negative, however she is in querintine until later this week and they had our whole district go down to the health clinic to get some antivirus medicine called TamiFlu. It is $100 dollars a box and we have to take it for 10 days, but the church is paying for all of us to take it. I couldn't believe they would spend $1000 just as a precaution. When we were there the Elders gave her a blessing, it was amazing, non of them had given a blessing before!

3. Friday after lunch Sister Brown and I were leaving the dinning hall and we ran into two Elders that are serving in Italy. It was really cool because I was actually told by Elder Matt Gammel that an Elder Packer had something for me. He just happened to be the Elder that I ran into! Matt had boughten me a tape recorder and blank tape, but inside the tape recorder was a tape from him. It was cool. So if you want to send me a tape you can. However it is a small tape recorder. (Smaller tape than Jason's)

4. Our Distict leader is the only one who can pick up our mail and we don't get it until 9:00pm every night. However if we get packages he is supposed to give us the slip right away. Well friday we got done with dinner and went back to class and Elder Tangi told me that I got some DearElder letters and a package. However we just happened to have a sub that night, I told him that I could wait to go get the package. But then everything happened with Sister Schardt and I had to go with Sister English to dinner because she hadn't eaten yet. By the time we got back to class and had a break, Sister Brown, Sister English and I ran to the Mail room. Much to our suprise they close at 7:00pm, it was 7:04. I didnt' think I was going to get my package until monday because of conference. However they were opened between sessions. SALMAT mom, I appreciate it. I went to take a shower on Thursday and realized I must had left my shampo and stuff in the shower at aunt Kay's. (p.s. Salmat means thank you!)

5. Wasn't conference SO good. It was awesome watching it with over 2000 missionaries! During the first session I kept thinking that my family and friends were doing the exact same thing. Isn't that so cool. Even though we are all over the map we can all recieve the exact same messages from General Authorities?!

6. The language is starting to come. Because of conference this weekend though we haven't had much language class. Our class for everything just consists of our district which is really nice because we get a lot more accomplished I think.

Sorry this isn't really a lot. But know that I love you all. I am grateful for this opportunity. I know that the church is true, that I am doing the Lord's work. He loves each of us and He wants us to return to Him. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that he, through the Lord, restored the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that he saw God the Father the and our Savior. I love this gospel and there is no where else I would rather be at this moment in time!!

Love you,
Sister Eveland

p.s. Send letters I love hearing how everyone is doing!