Monday, March 29, 2010

"STAY"cation Destination 2

Today we had planned to visit a completly different destination.  However, when we arrived it was being closed for remodeling.  The kids were a bit bummed, as was I.  I called up JBody and told him the news.  He asked what we were going to now.  I had no idea, but then he recommended a nearby waterfall.  Once I said waterfall outloud, Lil' E was set and ready with no backing down. 

Let's just say this was going to be bigger adventure than I was prepared for. 

1.  It was pouring.  Yes the sun would come out in spurts.  Some times it was just a drizzle, but other times it was a complete downpour with GIANT raindrops.  Luckily the kids were prepared with rainboots.  Me however, was wearing my nice dress shoes.

2.  The road was closed to get down to the waterfall so we had to park the car on the side of the HWY and walk up to it.  It wasn't too far of a walk, but with Doble short walks become long ones.

3.  We had planned to eat at our original destination.  Now we had to stop at the local convienent store and buy some sandwiches and eat them in the car.  The kids enjoyed this though, because mommy jumped in the back of the van with them.  By the time we were done, the windows were all steamed up.

4.  Rain means puddles.  Puddles mean jumping.  Jumping means mess.  The car ride home was spent in t-shirts and undies because the kids were all wet from the waist down.


Enjoy our pictures and don't forget to make you guess as to where we are!

Lunch in the back of the van.  Bella actually did really good with leaving the kids alone.  As always the kids had to get some silly pictures in.

This picture is pretty much a giveaway as to which waterfall we were near.  This was taken outside the convienent store after we enjoyed our car lunch.  You can't see it, but it was drizzling on us.

Here are two different views of the same waterfall.  Can you guess which waterfall it is?

This picture courtesy of Lil' E.
Puddle jumping: Oh so much fun!
The kids LOVE their boots.  I was really grateful to have had them today!
Now go ahead and make your guesses.  Good Luck!



Oh, Darn! I don't know where you are, BUT it looks like you had an AWESOME day and made the best of the weather situation. You are such a FUN MOM! :) I bet your kids had a blast - love the rain boots!


I showed Erik your pics and he didn't recognize the mural on the wall or the waterfall, but he said it looks cool and he wants to go there!!

Emily and Nathan

This is so much fun. I really have no idea so I have to admit I looked up the Top 100 Waterfalls in the Pacific NW and had a blast looking at pictures of beautiful waterfalls.

I do have a guess. I don't know if I just disqualified myself though...but my guess is Mill Creek Falls. Again I have NO IDEA but it sure is fun checking out the pictures and seeing what is out there.


Im not super familiar with waterfalls except Multnomah...was it bridal falls? horsetail falls? idk if those are real names or not. Love the pix. Looks like an awesome time!!


eating lunch in the car at Pen foods in quilcene and the water fall is falls view or if you are at the top it is called rainbow falls:)