Saturday, March 27, 2010

"STAY"cation Destination 1

Today I announced to the kids that we were going to go on an adventure. I asked them where we should go and what we should do on our adventure.

Doble wanted to go camping and to the nearby city next to us. Razy wanted to go to Portland and see princesses. And Lil' E wanted the ocean. So I called up JBody(who was at a chiro conference) and asked him for ideas. This is where he suggested. was a bit chilly and windy by the water, but the kids had fun watching the waves roll in. Tide was high so they didn't get to go out to far.

We had fun watching the birds play on a rock island out in the water. The kids got a kick out of how long the birds would hang out underwater before popping back up.chillin' on a tree stump on the trail

Razy's pout. She didn't want to walk down the steps by herself. Luckily she has a good big brother who came to the rescue.
The kids had fun taking pictures with the "HUGE bullets". Well that is what they called them.

 Lil' E making his wrestling stance pose.Sliding and Climbing. The kids had a lot of fun climbing and sliding on the side of this hill. I wish I had better pictures as to how high they were and what they were sliding on. I was nervous that they were going to fall of the edge.Photo op with Bella. She had to stay in the car while we were down by the water, but she enjoyed the nice little hike we took later on in the afternoon. Lil' E carries her around like this ALL the time. He loves, loves, loves, this puppy.
Doble told me that after our little hike (and I mean little) his feet hurt...but not too much to go play on the playground.
Where did our Adventures take us today? Make your guess.



All your kids are getting so big!! They are adorable!! I think it's very brave of you to take 3 kids out by yourself for an everyday "stay"cation!! Have tons of fun!! I don't know where you are but it definitely looks like the beautiful Northwest that we know and love!!

Ben and Carli

Ok...I gave everyone 24 hrs to get their guess in and still not one. This Stay Cation spot #1 is Salt Creek. Which includes Tounge Point, the bunkers, play area and the stairs down to the blow hole.
Or are you just not posting the answers til the end of the week?


Ok, well, I thought I knew where these pix were taken, but now I'm not sure - I think I know where some of them are, anyway. I don't know where you went for your hike, but I think by the water is North Beach in Port Townsend - we love to go there for the beach glass. So that's my guess - North Beach, PT. (fingers crossed) :)
I love the big "bullets" or "rocket ships" What a great place to take pix!! I love the pic of Razy's boot! Great, FUN photos, Peaches!


Are you having trouble viewing blogspot - or is it just me??

Emily and Nathan

My guess is the Tide Pools there by Sequim. I have been there once before and it looked slightly familiar. But then again it has been a LONG time.


I'd say your at Salt Creek Hope you guys had fun!


This is Becky again. You're at Salt Creek.