Friday, February 13, 2009

What Happened Wednesday!

Yes I know that I said I would post what took place on Wednesday on Thursday, but things have been so crazy fun that I had to wait till now to post. So here it goes.

It started out like any normal day, getting the kids dressed and out the door for preschool. I got home and laid Razy down for a nap. This is where I should have known my day would be a day I would get NOTHING DONE. I made a phone call and 157 minutes later I hung up (no this wasn't meant to be a long call) I got the kids ready really fast to pick Lil' E up from school. Came home and started to take pictures. I wanted to take a picture that I could put inside a book that we had bought JBody for Valentine's Day. One of those board books that plays music and all. It is really cute. Here are a few from the photo shoot.

I had to pull out the candy to get them to all look at me and be smiling.

I took a break after these pictures and went into the playroom/computer room to see if I could print one out that would work. We are redoing this room, so we have a gate up to keep the kids out. However, they all decided to follow me in. Lil' E and Doble jumped the gate. I finished up and walked out. The boys followed. Doble got stuck so Lil' E took the gate down for him. I didn't really think anything of it. We then went back to taking pictures.

Not great, but this is the one we chose.

Just as I finished printing this picture out, Razy started to cry. I turned around and saw my little girl in a mess of....

Not the first look, but I was in too much shock and yes upset to get pictures right off the bat. I scooped up a little over a half gallon back into the can. She just had to be in one of my favorite outfits. Dang it. I really tried to get it out. I even got my hopes up after hearing that hand sanitizer would get it out. But after hours of scrubbing I had no luck. Bummer. If you have suggestions please share. I just can't throw them away yet.

Well there wasn't a whole lot to get upset over. A huge huge mess, but we were planning on ripping the ugly blue carpet out and put in wood laminate in. I wanted to pull the carpet up to make sure it wasn't soaking through the pad and warping the floor underneath. We always knew that there was a chance that we could have good hardwood underneath. When I pulled the carpet up this is what I found....

You can even see a sneak peak of the new colors we have chosen for the room

JBody is thinking that we may be able to have a flooring specialist come in and restore the floor for a better price than laying new floor on top.

I will admit I was stressed about the whole thing. Razy was crying and covered in paint, the boys wanted to eat, and I needed to be cleaning my house and preparing my talk for church. I didn't really want to be cleaning paint up, and a lot of it.

I finally headed to bed at about midnight after trying to salvage Razy's clothes. I went in to make sure Razy was covered and smelled death. She had thrown up all over the place and fallen back to sleep. I woke JBody up to help me change her bed and give her a bath. We put her back to bed and JBody went back to sleep. I stayed up trying to clean up her bedding. I had to take apart her blanket to get the yuckiness out of it. It is one of those tied blankets, so I had to undo each tie to be completely cleaned. I headed up to bed an hour later.

I went in to check on Razy again. She was wide awake and standing up so I picked her up.

BLAH!!! Here mommy present for you.

Now the two of us get in the shower. I chose not to wake JBody up again. No point on the two of us being awake.

We finished with the shower and I turned on a movie. There was no way I could fall asleep. Well Razy is not one to fall asleep in your lap, but she didn't want to be in her bed. She wanted to be held, and asleep, just not the two together. At about 3:30 I laid down with her on the Love Sac. She finally fell asleep....


I had to sleep and so did she. I laid her in her bed and after about 2 mins of crying she and I were asleep. 4 hours later we were up and ready for a new day.

Since then I have made a sign for a friend, gone to bed past midnight again, prepared a talk and dealt with a little one who instead of throwing up has decided that every time she eats she needs a diaper change. I really should go to bed...I'm pooped.


The Hydes

I would have freaked out! I'm so sorry about her clothes, You'll just have to save them for camping I guess. or give them to her when she has her own kids and then you can say, good luck! haha! The floor under the carpet is really beautiful! It has a lot of potential! I can't wait to find out what you do with it!