Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I know that it is Wednesday and I didn't post my Tackle it Tuesday. Things were a bit crazy yesterday. I started out thinking I would tackle my stove drip pans. They were nice and grimy. JBody told me I should just go and buy some new ones, but I really thought that I could clean them up nicely. I was so excited after I finished the first one. It was all clean and shiny. Almost like new. The other three weren't as easy. They do look better, but not like I wanted them to look.

Then I decided to move on into the boys' room. It has been long over due for a sortment of clothes. I was able to organize the closet with colored hangers. Lil' E has all his clothes hanging on blue hangers and Doble has the white hangers. I put away clothes thta no longer fit them both, and pulled out ones that they can now wear. I did the same thing with their clothes in their drawers. However, I still don't feel finished. That project took me all day and I still have more to finish.
During my tackles, JBody asked me to do some looking around at prices for car batteries and some other things. So my focus got a bit distracted.

I can say that I was able to get one thing tackled completely. My sister asked me to fill out some questions for her. I will be honest I have been dreading them because they are ones that take some thought and I wanted them to be just right. The following are the questions she asked me to fill out. I thought about putting my answers down. Maybe another time. Right now I feel that they are too personal and just between my sister and I.

The above name student is taking a class entitled "Principles of Inner Victory." They have been asked to identify someone with whom they have a relationship of trust, and invite them to participate in an assignment for the class. The objective of this assignment is to help the person get to know themselves better from the perspective of and through the eyes of another person. You have been identified as such a person.Please take fifteen to thirty minutes to assist this person in completing the assignment by writing a few paragraphs in response to some or all of the questions below. Be objective and positive as well as honest in your suggestions for their potential improvement (please include number 5 and 6 in your response). Also, please note the date by which you need to return this to the student so that their assignment can be completed in a timely fashion.Thank you for your willingness to help this student.

1. When you think of this person, what is their single most significant positive character trait?

2. If you were commissioned to write a book (novel) with an objective to help others find meaning in their life with the above name person as a character, what role would you cast them in? What message would their life bring to the reader? What positive characteristics would you want to accentuate as you cast this person?
3. Imagine that you are given a task to provide employment placement services for the above named individual, wherein you will evaluate all of their strengths and place them in a career or position to have the most positive affect upon the lives of others. What are their three most significant traits? In what area of the workplace do you feel they will grow personally, be able to contribute, and be able to utilize their greatest strengths?

4. Looking to the future when most all of us must leave this mortal existence, if you were to design a headstone to be placed at their grave upon their death some 60 years from now, what inscription or epitaph would you include on the marker for future generations to remember? Why?

5. Given all their strengths, can you think of one area where this person might focus attention and energy to improve themselves and become even a better person?

6. What advice would you give this person as they seek a happy and joyful life personally, professionally, etc.
Could you also please include 10 qualities about me. This is for another assignment! Thanks!(I have included the answers for this so you could see what type of wonderful person my sister is.)
1. Integrity: Trustworthy and Honest
2. Caring
3. Responsible
4. Fair
5. Respectful
6. Virtuous
7. Approachable, Likeable
8. Empathetic
9. Benevolent: Charitable, wanting to help others.
10. Teachable

I encourage you to think of a person and answer these questions about them and possibly share them with them. I did enjoy the experience.



I love these pix of Bailey. I miss her soooo much. I don't know how I missed this post. What a cool assignment. I think I would be afraid to do that. I will think about it, though. :o)