Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today's tackle has actually been done for awhile. However, I just never got around to getting pictures taken and I needed to get Razy's room cleaned up so I could take the pictures. I am so excited about having it done. I think that it turned out really cute.
Today's Tackle...
This is a piece that my parents gave to me when they gave me my cedar hope chest. We painted it to go with Razy's room colors: Pink and Green
This bookshelf is actually pressed partical board. It was white, but I painted the outside pink with the tinkerbell green in the inside to match the shelf above it.
I was not a fan of the mahogany wood all over the walls and ceilings. However, I think it goes with her room. It is just a matter of what to do with the rest of the upstairs. Our room, the boys' room, the bathroom, and the hall are all done in mahogany. At least it is real wood and not the cheap panaling. I think I would have a harder time getting used to it.
JBody's sister gave us this dresser. Someone made it and gave it to her. It was unstained wood so we just slapped on some pink and green and viola a little girls dresser. Cute if I do say so myself.
The top of her dresser has a princess snowglobe I recieved for a graduation present, a little girl looking at a sleeping baby fairy with another fairy telling her to be quiet; gift from my mom, and a fairy on a tree branch; a gift given to Razy from my Aunt Mary. Can you tell what the theme of her room is yet?
I thought I would through in a picture of the cute TUTU I won from FairyWonderful. I love it. I need to get a picture of her in it. She like to wear it and spin circles with it on.
I bought this picture at the Victorian Christmas this past Christmas. I forgot I had it until yesterday actually. I thought it went perfect in her Fairy room.
You can't really tell what her bedding is here, but it is pink with dragonflies on it. She has one of those soft minky dot pillows and her blankie that she has to sleep with as well.

I know that I need to post some other pictures of the house, but this is a start. Hope you like. I know I love it. It is probably my favorite room in the house. It is so small, but perfect for a little girl.