Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is a tackle that I really haven't been looking forward to. However, I have told myself that I just need to do it and in theend I will be grateful that it is done. My Tackle this week is....


I really started this tackle yesterday and was really getting frustrated. I was trying to get him to go every 15 minutes, but he would just say he didn't have to go and then he would get upset because of it. I called my mom and she told me to call a friend. So I called my friend Jen and this is what she told me worked really well for her.

She dedicates the whole week to potty training. It didn't take her boys the whole week, but at least this way she new that the week was clear. She then takes the kids to the store and they buy crackers, snacks, candy, and juice (a lot of it). When they get home they strip naked and sit on the potty, yes all day long. At first I was thinking, I really don't want the potty in the living room and him in front of the tv the whole day, but I am willing to try anything to make it easier. When they go potty we make a HUGE deal of it, dancing, singing, candy, the whole shabang. Then clean the potty out and get back on.

So I tried this starting at about 3. I put him on the potty and he got really excited that he was going. At dinner I let him sit with us (Jen has the kids eat on the potty). He was sitting for only a few minutes when he yells out, "Mommy I need to go potty." Yeah I am so hoping this continues this way. Today I have him in front of the tv again on the potty. I did have to take him to preschool to drop Lil' E off and he stayed dry. HORRAY! Hopefully by the end of the week he will be in underwear and telling me he needs to go and have the potty in the bathroom.

Doble on the potty all set and ready for a Potty Training Birthday Party! We call it that because the boys love birthday parties and they think it is cool to be having this Potty Party.

Doble in Heaven. What kid wouldn't love sitting in front of the TV watching Thomas all day and having all the crackers and juice you could ask for?

Razy is enjoying the festivities. Here she is all set with her own supply of juice and crackers. She loves that each time Doble goes she gets to have skittles. She sees them on top of the tv and continues to ask for them. I did think about waiting until September to potty train Doble and do Razy at the same time, but I really want him potty trained in time for Preschool in the Fall and she is too young to be doing it right now. Someone did tell me I should try next month when she will be 18 months, but she is so not ready.

Do you having any potty training tips? Are you in the process of potty training one of your own and need some encouragement along the way? Leave your comments and if you are potty training a little one I would love to give you encouragement, because I know that I myself will be needing it this week. Sometimes I think that it can be just as hard on mommy as it is on the trainee.



You are spot on dearie - although I did this during the summer so it was easier to nip inside and out in the nude so that outside 'accidents' weren't as serious. Far better to devote a whole week to the learning exercise and you have all the props to hand. Well done you.


Good for you! Ahhh, the memories ... mine are now 7,9,11 so those days are past (and all girls, which are supposed to be easier). But yeah, I tried to go "hard core" for about a week ... stay home and give them tons of liquid. He is so cute on the potty in front of the TV!! Best wishes; I know it seems to take forever, but in retrospect - it wasn't so bad!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and encouraging me!

Sabin Family

Good Luck! Hopefully he will pick up on it soon! Thanks for the comment by the way!

Sabin Family
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Luke and Katie

This is EXACTLY how we potty trained Livi (It took 3 days and she was a pro) Lots of crackers, lots of water/juice, and the toilet was in front of the tv the ENTIRE day...The only difference is I potty trained in the summer with her and since it is winter...spencer doesn't really like being cold and naked..we'll try in a few months!


Great tackle! I did the potty in front of the TV when we were training my youngest. It kind of worked.


see, from here on out, he is going to want the tv just like a man!


Eli's Lids

I love the shot of him watching TV! That would be my son's dream come true. I'm waiting a few more months before I tackle that!