Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Braids to One {tutorial}

Maybe you could help me out with a name for this style.  Three Braids to One isn't that cool.  Well here is a way to get the side part french braid look.  I don't actually show you how to french braid on here, but there are awesome tutorials on youtube to help you out.  That is actually how I learned. 
1. Part the hair way off to the side. I like to pull the extra hair in the back and tie it off so it doesn't get in my way while I am doing this first french braid.

2. French braid the hair that you just parted and tie off with a rubberband.

3. Part the rest of the hair in the middle of the head.  Tie off the side that you are braiding first.

4. Using the first braid as a one of your three pieces, braid one half of the head. Tie off at the end. 

It will look somewhat like this once incorporated. 
5. Braid the other side.  You can leave it in french braided pig tails or go on from here.

6.  Combine both braids together and turn it into one braid.  This part can get to be a handful.  Work carefully as to not undo your french braids. 

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