Thursday, September 22, 2011

Faux French Fish Tail {tutorial}

Sorry for this late post.  Kind of a busy day.  I am behind on Razy's Birthday Cake and we had lots of running around with drop offs and pick ups and football in between the cake/cupcake making.  But here I am and here is your new hair style.
1.  Begin by taking a small portion of hair at the top of the head.  Tie it off with a rubberband.

2. Divide that portion of hair in half.

3.  Take the pony and pull it through the top and out the bottom of the divided pony.

You should end with a piece of hair looking like this.

4. Take another portion of hair and tie it off with a rubberband.

5.  Repeat step 2 and 3 by pulling the through the hair.

5.  Continue steps 1-3 all the way the head.

6.  End at the back of the neck.

7.  Take a rubberband tie it around the remaining pony tail about 1-2 inches down.

8.  Pull hair through like you have been.

9.  Continue all the way down the pony tail and you are done.

I love how the pony tail looks similar to a fishtail without the tedious braiding.  A fish tail is very hard to do on Razy's hair and this way it holds better in her hair in less the time.