Friday, September 23, 2011

Piggies with Ribbon Headband

This is a repost of a hair do I did in March. 
If I told you the week I have had you would understand. 

I love doing Razy's hair.  I love hairbows and flowers and headbands.  I love creating hairdos that go along with the holidays.  I love hair blogs.  I follow a couple that I really like. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine told me about another one that I really like. This morning as I was contimplating a hairdo for church today I found this one.  Razy got to choose the style.  I gave her three choices and she picked her favorite.  I thought I would give a little tutorial for those that wanted to try it. 

Start by making a part down her head.  I like to part Razy's hair to the side, but you can part down the middle.  Divide each side of the part into two.  The front section of each side is just temporary.  For the back section put the elastic toward the bottom.
For each back section either braid or twist braid and tie off the end with an elastic.  

Take each braid or twist braid over the head and tuck it into the elastic from the other side.  This is where you will weave your ribbon into the hair.  She says to sew it, but I couldn't find a needle so I just weaved it.
 With the remaining hair in back divide into two pigtails and add the hair from the front temporary part and the ends of the braids.
To create the bun: In each piggy make a braid or twist braid and tuck the ends into the elastic then curl and add a bow. 

So my tutorial isn't as good as the one I followed.  Head on over to The Story of a Princess and Her Hair for a better tutorial and more cute hairstyles.