Sunday, September 18, 2011

Braided Shoelace Piggies {tutorial}

Today's hair style is going to can be done really easily by recycling yesterday's hair lines. However, you don't have to.  This tutorial is done without using the same lines, but know that if you did the Shoe Lace Piggies yesterday your lines are already made for you today.
1.  Part the hair in half.  I like a side part so I usually part her hair at the side and then part it in the middle.

2. On the top of her head place piggies on either side of the part. I use about a third or a little under a third for these first piggies. Braid each of these piggies.
3. Take about another third of her hair for this next step.

4. Cross the right top piggy and add it to the second third part of hair on the left side of head.  At this point you can tie off and then begin a new braid.  However, today I didn't tie it off and I just went to braiding. 
5. Repeat step four on the with the top left piggy.

6. Take the new left piggy that you created and add it into the remaining bottom third on the right side of the head. Either tie off and braid or just begin braiding.
7. Repeat step 6 with the right piggy.

Here is a look at the finished hair style.  Reminds me of a Pocahantas braid.

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