Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Skill Challenge!

Do you ever get into the domestic mode and get all giddy when you do something you have never done before?  Well today I canned for the first time and I am feeling quite proud of myself for tackling alone.  It has always been something that I have wanted to try.  Last year JBody's grandmother gave us boxes and boxes of jars.  I had plans to can last year and never did get around to it.  This year I decided I would take on the project.  Let me tell you it is quite the project when you do it all by yourself (well with a little help from the smaller hands in our home) and when your little kitchen only has so much counter and moving space.  After only a few hours of canning here are my results.  Yep I only got 4 quart jars of applesauce and 2 smaller jars (don't know the size) of apple butter. I think I may have had them in the water bath for too long, but I wanted to make absolutely sure. To some I probably am really slow at canning.  Some may even think, "Why bother?"  I would respond, "It was a fun learning experience."  I love it when I learn a new skill.  Don't we all take pride in the work we do with our own hands no matter how small they may seem to another?  I know I do.  So for all of my readers out there, I challenge you to do something you have never done before.  Who knows you may just find your new favorite pastime.  Come back and tell me how it turned out for you.  I would love to hear all about it and give you praises and congratulations!


Roxanne Brickey

Way to go Alisha!!!!!! Canning is a lost art! I swore I would NEVER do it but ended up canning pears and applesauce last year and doing it again this year! Congrats on "going it alone" ! You are a brave girl! :)

April Linde

Definitely, I too feel giddy when I accomplish something on my own for the first time! My success came this week when I tried on my own some of the things I learned when I recently went to a cooking class. I learned how to seed a pomegrante without it spitting juice everywhere, how to make my own vinagrette dressings (how to balance the acid and oil) and how to braise a pork tenderloin with out over cooking it. I am so impressed that you made applesauce. It is a lot of work. Be proud, at least you can now say you know how!!


You're awesome! I do feel this way and props to you for using wide mouth jars! They are the best! I think you are amazing! You seem to be able to accomplish anything you set your mind on. What an amazing gift! I have been wanting to refinish two pieces of furniture for a really long time but was so afraid I would make them look worse than they already looked (not possible) so this summer I did it and I love them! And it's fun to say when people ask that I'm the one who did it. It's not my favorite pastime but, it was fun to succeed at something new. Love your blog.