Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lil' E and Doble's Getaway!

I was able to get the boys's room cleaned up today and here are the before and after photos for you to enjoy!  It is so funny how the boys get excited when thier room is cleaned.  It is like a new discovery for them.  I wish they would remember the feeling they have when it is cleaned.  I should have taken before and after photos of it being dirty, but I was WAY TOO embarrased. 
Not the best picture, but I didn't take very many pictures at all before we did the remodel.  In fact these are from the appraisal we had done.  I don't miss the carpet at all.  And as for the baseboards we were so happy to get rid of them.  Like in Razy's room we left the ceilings the wood to keep some of the house's charm.  The boys room has some great lines in it too. 
I still want to do curtains in their room.  I just haven't found exactly the right fabric to use.  With it being winter we don't have to worry so much about the sun waking them or keeping them up.  In the summer it was a whole different story.  I just took down the ghetto tin foil two days ago.
I started to paint thier dresser white and then decided I didn't like it.  The plan is to find a good darker blue and paint it that color.  We shall see. 
You can't really tell from this picture, but there is a small window nook behind Doble's head where the baseboard is.  The next picture shows it.
The window nook in the boys's room is so cute.  I want to paint the bookshelf still, but just haven't had the time.  The doors need to be painted and new handles put on.  Once again these doors used to be wood paneled like the walls were.  JBody and Jason had to take them out and install new ones.  Not an easy process.