Friday, January 25, 2008

Paradise at the Marriott

So I need to be packing and getting ready but after I saw these pictures I got too excited and decided I needed to share. J Body has a conference this weekend and I get to go with him. Yeah for the much needed break. We talked about bringing all the kids, but after little thought we decided against it. It would be too much work to entertain a baby, a toddler and a preschooler in a hotel room. This way now I can lounge and veg just me and Razy while J Body is in classes. And let me tell you I am looking forward to it 100%. Just take a look at these awesome pictures. The pool area is amazing. I am going to imagine that I am in a tropical paradise (let's say Hawaii) and enjoy myself (even if I do look bad in a swimming suit. I'm not one of those blessed beings who can pop three kids out and look better than she did in high school).

Lil' E and Doble get to spend time with Mema and Papa. Hopefully they are good for them. Poor things have been sick and need some fun. Speaking of sick we get to bring our little sicky with us. Razy has two ear infections and a sore throat. Poor thing hates coughing and sneezing and eating is a pain too. Maybe she can take some naps with mommy by the pool.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I know I will.



Where is this Hotel? In WA? I didn't forget, I left it there to Throw people off, to keep you SAFE!


Nice! I hope you enjoy yourself, it looks great, and I sure some R&R is needed.

Hope the boys have fun with grandma and grandpa too :)

Melissa & Dorian

Where are you going, and for how long?
ENJOY!!! I'm actually quite jealous!


I think I speak for everyone when I say...We are jealous!

Kirkham Family

All I have to say is that is NOT what our hotel looks like and we have been here almost 8 days! man oh man, we need to change occupations!!

The Johnston's

Can i come? That's what David and I need, a little getaway. Maybe I'll suggest it to him sometime:)

The Perkes Family

I was supposed to go, but it was the one weekend that all the in-laws were too busy to watch the boys. Oh, well. There's always next time. It would have been good to see you though. Hope it was all you hoped for!

Joel and Kristie

Hello it's been over a month TIME TO UPDATE!!!