Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me and JOANN

So do you ever go into a store and know that eventhough you know exactly what you are going to buy you will still be there for at least an hour? This is me and my new found friend JOANN. It was decided earlier today that I would make a trip to my favorite place after attending a meeting that was in the area. My meeting was supposed to be from 5:30-7:30, but like most meetings this one got over 30 minutes late. As I was putting Razy in the car I decided that it was too late and needed to get my sicky home (poor little thing is sick, but that is a story for another time). As I got in the car and was heading out of town (JOANN's is 20 minutes from our place), I found myself easing into the righy lane. It was like a magnet was pulling my car to the parking lot. Okay I will go in, but only for a minute. I am only going to look at the beads (I am thinking about making Razy some more bracelets to match her outfits). Of course they have to put the fabric right in the front of the store. Keep going, keep going. Okay I'll just take a peek. There are so many cute fleece prints. Too bad we already have way too many blankets. I guess I don't need any. I make it to the beads. Do I really have the time to make bracelets? Uh...nah, let's go. Wait lets look at the yarn (I want to crochet some really cute hats I found a pattern for). So many colors to choose from. Let's just go. No I do want to make some bows. So off to the ribbon. I should of thought about what would match. Maybe I should look at Razy's wardrobe first. So not today on ribbon. Heading towards the door, something catches my eye. Scrapbook paper 6 for 96 cents (where the heck is the cent symbol on my keyboard?) I like this one, and this one and this one. Wait is is cheaper to buy the pack? Pick and choose. Way to many options. Okay I finally have found some. Now we can go. Almost to the register. Look Razy they still have Christmas stuff and for 70% off. I did get some cute ornaments for $2.99 (Huge Score). Since it is already late I might as well look at the Valentine decorations. Nothing catches my eye so I head to the register. I am being rung up. Hmmm look there's a $1 bin. STAY FOCUSED!! Pay and get out of here. I am out the door (only an hour later). That is a record for me (shortest time spent in there). Why oh why do you do this to me JOANN? Why?


Joel and Kristie

You Crack me UP!! What a FUN shopping trip!! SOrry the little one is sick though, that's a bummer!

The Perkes Family

I totally know what you mean! I could browse in stores for hours and re-look at everything! I need help.


You are so funny. I get like that at the store too...any store sadly enough :).

Fun post, keep them coming sister.

Taylor and Crystal

I am EXACTLY like that in JoAnn's. Taylor now hates that store!!!
But I love it; especially since I starting sewing. Good luck with your future trips!!


Sigh, so goes the life of a crafter, and bargain shopper!


Wow, Alisha - you totally understand me! Too bad you are so many states away! No one else ever wants to go to JoAnns (or any other fabric or scrapbook store) with me because I get so distracted and want to look at everything. My sister says I have shopping ADD. I think she is right.