Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our New Identities

For now on please refer to us as The Party of Five. Members of The Party of Five are as follows:
D.J. and Peaches, Lil' E, Doble (Spanish word for Double), Razy
This just in D.J. now wants his name changed to J Body. From now on we will refer to him as that, but for previous posts just know that D.J. and J Body are the same person. I know confusing.



Your kids are so cute! And you have such a cute blog. It's crazy that you already have three... i will soon be following! I am so excited!


wow Peaches you and Joann need to bring your relationship down a notch! I'm sure that J Body and the boys get a little jealous that you spend so much time in there! although I am proud that you managed to get out of there in an hour this time, compared to the times that we have spent what like 4 hours there with ease!! anyway, I love you guys, and I sure do miss you! Give the boys and Razy a kiss from their auntie Bails, and when you have time I would love to see pics of the new place!!
Have a fabtastic day!


Yay, Alisha! Cute Bow! Good for you! I have made tons of flowers, but no bows like that. I have been huge on nifty-knitting cute beanie hats for Lydia lately. Clip a flower on the side, and voila- stylin'! My sister-in-law sells them, too. I would love to see the one you are going to crochet. Oh, and cute outfit on Razy- Lydia had the same one, and I was so sad when she grew out of it!


Lol thats hilarious but very smart to give your family different names with all that goes on on the 'net. I wonder what they will think when they get older about the names you chose for them. I bet they will like them! Do you call them their online nicknames in real life?