Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pretty in Pink and Bows

Let me just tell you that I LOVE having a little girl to dress up. Boys are fun, but in a different way. There is something about having a little girl around the house. I love the pink, the bows, the flowers, and everything else that comes along with a little girl. The old adage...Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice is so true. Our little Razy is too sweet. She has been such a joy to have. When I start to feel overwhelmed or stressed out I just have to look at her big blue eyes and her contagious smile and feel better. Her big brothers love her so much and are so good with her. It is so fun to see Doble grab a burp rag and try wiping up her spit up. Lil' E is always by her side giving her kisses and trying to get her to laugh or smile at him. It is so neat to see D.J. with all the kids. Seeing him hold each of them when they were infants has been really special, but there is something a little different with Razy. It is like she can make her Daddy melt. She has him hooked. She has us ALL hooked.

I know all these pictures look alike, but we took some pictures to send to Daddy at work so he could see Razy's new bow that Mommy had made. We couldn't decide which one to put, so we chose a bunch. Hey it's our page so why not?


Joel and Kristie

She is TOOOO CUTE for words!!!

The Perkes Family

She is precious! I will get my girls some day!


I want to just cuddle her, I'm sure she is getting really big!! (I think that her auntie Bails should get some recent pics of her little ones for V-day!!)