Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 4- Project Pinterest

Today was a fun and busy day.  I will be honest, we didn't actually get to do a project today.  However, I am posting one that we did about 2 weeks ago.  No worries, I am hoping to post two tomorrow.  Lil' E feels kind of jipped that we didn't do a project eventhough, we went to the park, went to the beach, went to get icecream, went swimming, and went to baseball practice today.  So before I post pictures of our day I will share you with our project.

Today's Project Pinterest
Homemade Icecream
You will need
2 cups heavy cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2tsp mint extract
mini chocolate chips

Add your heavy cream to bowl and whip.
Whip until stiff peaks form.

In another bow add can of sweetened condensed milk, extract, and chocolate chips. I added food coloring for the added effect of mint icrecream. Mix all these together.

Fold your heavy cream into your milk mixture.

Place into a container

Freeze for 6 hours or until set.

This icecream is really yummy and so easy to make.  I love that you don't need ice or salt either. 
Don't like mint? Try other add ins. 

You could add anything to your sweetened condensed milk to create your own flavors.
We also made smore icecream by adding 3 TB butter, crushed chocolate covered graham crackers, mini marshmellows, chopped hershey's chocolate.  Once we started placing it into the container we added swirls of hot fudge then froze.  MMM! 

What flavor would you create?

Our Fun Filled Day!
We started our day with cleaning.  Fun no, necessary yes.  This spring break I have not only been trying to do fun things each day, but get at least 2 loads of laundry done, and clean 2 rooms in the house (clean clean, not just surface clean).  We finished our chores, packed a lunch and waited for Mema to arrive.  Then we loaded the kids into the car and headed out.

We went to Chetzamoka Park.  The kids got a kick out of the fact that their daddy used to work there before he left for college.  They really enjoyed playing on the monkey bars. 

This is fun!

Look what I can do!

Okay wait, I need some help!


Trying to get a picture with the kids is so hard.  Razy is in that "I need to be silly posing stage."  They all have their forced smiles.  I am just thankful for professionals who know what they are doing and have captured great photos of the kids, because it can be so hard.

They do love their Mema.  They love going places with her and they were happy to find out that she would be joining us. 

After the park we headed down to the beach.  Mema likes to look for sea glass and the kids tried finding some for her.  No luck.  They did find lots of shells and rocks. 

We continued our adventure into town to visit the local icecream shop (no photos).  We each got a cone and then checked out all the gourmet candies.  Mema treated the kids to some jelly bellies.  They took their time selecting which flavors they wanted.  However, once getting into the car, Razy exclaims "I didn't want jelly beans" Icecrem and then jelly beans,? I think it was too much for her in such a little time. 

Next we met up with our cousins and enjoyed some swimming time.  They love the indoor pool because we can go during anytime of weather.  Our favorite is when we visit in the winter and go sledding and then swimming.  We couldn't stay all day and had to head home to get Lil' E to baseball practice.  It was cold, but fun to watch him crush those baseballs out in the outfield.  He gets so excited when he does. 

Well that was our fun day.  What did you do today?



thanks for the great ideas! my granddaughter will love the ice cream!

ElizabethMD Jewelry

I've been looking for a recipe like this. Thanks so much. :D

Tamika Rybinski

looks yummy, I need to try this too! Thanks for sharing the recipe and about your day as well!



YUM! I've only had a spoonful but, it was soooooo creamy :)


YUM! I've only had a spoonful but, YUM!

sally jo

My 8-year-old grandson made this today. It was hard to get him to surrender the mixture and get it into the freezer. We will enjoy it for breakfast tmorrow morning.
p.s. We used crushed double-stuffed Oreos as our favorite flavor is cookies and cream. Thank you for this really great recipe. (I hope it's ok to leave it in the freezer overnight.)


Today my eight-year-old grandson made this using crushed Double-stuffed Oreos. Hard to get him to stop licking the bowl to put it into the freezer. Hope it's okay to leave it in overnight, Thanks so much.

Jess @ You, Me & B

I am so glad I found your recipe! We made the Mint Chocolate Chip and a Vanilla today and both were FABULOUS! We don't have an ice cream maker and your recipe was so much easier than the one that involves ice cream ingredients inside a Ziploc bag and that inside another Ziploc of ice and rock salt.