Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 3- Project Pinterest

Today's project made us all a little loopy.  You will see why once I tell you what we did.  The kids had alot of fun with this one and the nice thing about it was they were able to do a little on it and then take a break and come back to it. 
Today's Project Pinterest
Tie Dye with Sharpies
You will need:
Sharpies:  We omitted all the black, brown, and grey ones
Plastic Cup
Dropper (an old medicine dropper)
Rubbing Alcohol (90% or higher)
A prewashed light colored t shirt

Place your cup under your shirt and secure it with a rubberband.
Begin coloring on the shirt with your permanent marker.

The kids had fun drawing pictures. 
It really doesn't matter what they draw because the colors will all bleed together.

Using your eye dropper, fill it with rubbing alcohol and begin dropping drops onto the marker to begin the bleeding process. Allow it to sit and dry before moving onto the next drawing.  You can speed up the process by blowing on it or setting it outside to dry. 

We stopped to take a break and let all our circles dry. 
Once you are done you will want to put them in the dryer for 15 minutes to set the marker.  Do not put them in the dryer until they are COMPLETELY dry.  The alcohol is extremely flammable. Once you set the color you can wash them just like your other clothing.

And here are their masterpieces.

Can you say "CHEESE"?

Of course they have to ask me which on is my favorite.  And I was told I can not say them all.  I had to ignore that question becuase I knew it would start a fight.

We even had to make one for our new baby sister who will be arriving at the end of May!

Let me know if you make these and how they turn out.  I would love to see them.