Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pickling Beets {Tutorial}

Step 1- Selecting the Beets
The best beets are fresh beets.  Select firm, crisp beets.

Step 2: Trim the Tops and Wash your beets.
Just take a sharp knife or a pair of kitchen scissors and trim off beet tops, leaving an inch of stem and roots to prevent bleeding of color.

Step 3: Cook the Beets
Place beets in a large pot and cover with water.  Cook them until they are tender.  This depends on the size.  I did mine for around 20 mins. Drain and discard the liquid.

Step 4: Cool the Beets
Place the beets in a bowl of ice water.  This is to cool them off for handling.

Step 5: Cut Beets into smaller pieces
You can cut your beets into wedges, slices, or leave them whole.  You just want them small enough to place into your jars.

Step 6: Prepare your Pickling Solution

4 cups vinegar (5% acidity)
1½ teaspoons canning or pickling salt
2 cups sugar or Splenda
2 cups water
2 cinnamon sticks
12 whole cloves - about 1 tsp
12 allspice nuts (whole) - about 1 tsp

Place vinegar, salt, sugar, and water in a large pot.  Put spices into a cheesecloth and tie off.
***tip- baby food holders work great to hold your spices. 
Bring to a boil.
Step 7: Boil Beets in Pickling Solution
Add beets to solution and simmer for 5 mins. 

Step 8: Place Beets in Jars
(forgot picture sorry)
Add beets to clean, sterile, hot jars. I like to keep mine in the oven at 250 degrees until ready to use.  Fill your jars leaving 1/2 inch headspace at top.  Then add liquid leaving 1/2 inch headspace.  Place lids and bands semi tightly on. 

Step 8: Water Bath
Place jars in an open water bath for 30 mins. 

Step 9: Let Jars Cool
Cool your jars for 24 hours before removing bands.  Any jars that didn't process right, place in the refridgerator or eat.


Queen of Spades

Awesome tutorial! I have been afraid of trying this. My aunt gave me a recipe, but your step by step with photos has now given me the confidence! Yay! Onward to the garden patch...


Great blog! Very interesting! Keep going!


These look beautiful!!!!