Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't Take the Hook {My Family Monday}

It has been awhile since I've put a Family Home Evening Lesson on the blog.  I thought I would share with you our lesson for tonight. The timing worked out great because we just got home from camping where we also went fishing.

*How do you fish? - let the girls tell you - (get a fishing pool, put something on the hook, real worm or fake worm, then they cast it into the water and reel in the lure so it moves around so it looks like food etc...)

Did you know that Adapted Fisherman will study the trout’s/fish behavior, the weather, the water currents and type of insect they like to eat. They knows those artificial insects embedded with tiny hooks need to be perfect deception so the fish don’t see the slightest flow and reject it.

Did you know that Satan is a master “Fisherman” he has some pretty good tricky lures, Satan uses artificial lures to fool and catch us too, he tempts, deceives and tries to ensnare us, only he doesn’t catch you and release you, he likes to keep you. He likes to make bad look good, he has been fishing for many years and has already hooked a lot of people. He knows what artificial lures look good to us.

- Story: Chip gets hooked

There was a fish name Chip, all of the older fish had taught him and gave him warnings to stay away from worms, his head was full of advice. One day Chip was out swimming alone when all at once he seen a worm and he thought how could that be? How could this worm be so bad for me? It looks so good. He thought for sure the older fish were just trying to scare him. He thought I’m going to eat that worm, I see nothing wrong with it. Just as he was about to eat the worm one of the older fish pushed him away and said CHIP did you not see the hook? Chip did not see the hook he only seen the yummy worm.

This older fish took Chip to the shoreline to show him what happens to fish who take a bit. Some of the fish were barely alive, some had their jaws ripped opens, some just hanged around close to shore and the birds would eat them. Everything he seen was horrible. He thought well maybe they are not as smart as me, I would be smart and only take worm with out getting hooked. Well one day he thought he would give it a try and he took a big bite and he thought this does not taste good, it taste like plastic, then he stared to feel pain in his mouth, he tried really hard to get away but he couldn't he was caught.

* Satan tries to tempt us everyday and sometimes we don’t see the whole picture, you girls need to have faith and listen to your parents and leaders, Satan wants to drag us away from our Heavenly Father. He will always try new bait and temptations, he doesn’t care if you get hurt.

We are all like fish swimming around that worm hook – tempted to take a bite and Satan knows our weakness.

What are some things people get hooked on? (drugs, lying, cheating, stealing, drinking, smoking,gossip, dress unmodest, etc…)

So how do we know if something is good or that it is one of Satan’s hooks? (if it doesn’t agree with Heavenly Fathers commandments, we should stay away, if we ask our Heavenly Father for help he will show us the way out) (1 nephi 15:24) (1 cor 10:13)

---Super easy, fast, craft----- to remind them not to get hook by Satan

Activity: Don't Get Hooked Bracelet
The original idea was to make a bracelet out of fishing swivels.  However, I could only find ones that contained lead.  I didn't think it would be a good idea to have the kids wearing lead bracelets.  So I came up with another idea.

You will need: bracelet braiding cord and little fishing corkies.
I just braided a bracelet and every so often added a corky.  

Lesson idea came from Sugardoodle