Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shopping with Children

I know that I am not the only mother that dreads going to the store with her children.  This shout out is for all of you.

Today I picked Lil' E up from school and decided to run to the store for a couple ingredients for some lasagna rolls.  I wanted to make them for dinner.  They sound really yummy and we haven't had pasta in quite some time. So we stopped at safeway.  This was going to be a quick, but perfect trip...I mean I got front row parking.  That never happens when I have all the kids in the car.  I love it because then I don't have to chase them through the parking lot. 

Razy grabbed her baby and jumped into the cart seat very happily.  Doble and Lil' E walked quietly alongside of me.  PERFECT!  This was proving to be a fast and easy shopping trip.  We first went to the pasta isle.  YES!  Buy 2 Classico Speghetti Sauces (one of my favs) get 2 FREE Safeway pastas.  All the ingredients I needed and they were on SALE!! How perfect was this?  Nope this is where things went bad...
As I am searching for my 2 FREE pastas I turn to look at Razy.  She has moved from the cart seat into the the basket part of the cart. Atleast she didn't fall out and hurt herself.  Where are her brothers?  Chasing eachother down the isle.  I tell both of them to come over and help me pick out some pasta.  They do and start to fight over what kind of pasta shape to get.  Don't worry boys we get 2.  They each pick one and then we start down the isle to our next distination.  Doble is freaking out because he CAN'T walk anymore.  He wants to be in the cart.  His sister WILL NOT move into the seat so I tell him that he is 5 now and can walk.  He starts to get upset.  Then he yells that his brother is flicking him.  Maybe at this point I am over reacting and a little embarrased that people are looking at me, but I quickly grab each of their hands and pick Razy up out of the cart.  "We are going home," I say.  "Looks like we will be eating cereal for dinner now."  "No No No.  I don't want cereal," they all cry.  Razy is completely upset that we are leaving all our food in the cart and not bringing it home.  Doble is crying louder that he doesn't want to eat cereal.  And Lil' E is mad because HE DID NOT FLICK HIS BROTHER!!  I am not giving in on this one.  We leave the food, we get out to the car, we drive home and the kids are now in their rooms while I write this.  I did say they weren't going to get lunch, but I can't really follow through on that one.  So when I am done with this their nuggets will be done cooking and they will get to come downstairs and eat. 

Yes I got plently looks as I left the store.  Some faces seemed to say, "Why aren't those kids well behaved?" Others gave me sympathetic smiles.  To those of you who know what I am talking about my heart goes out to you.  The store is really not the place for you agree?  But we as mothers give our children the benefit of the doubt that THIS will be the time that they are perfect little angels. We think to ourselves, I am only going in for a few things and if they can just get through the first 5 minutes we can make it to the bakery for thier free cookie and then to the check out and viola perfect shopping trip.  This won't be the last time I take my kids to the store...although I wish I could say it will be.  I just hope they remember this shopping trip and try to do a little better next time.  As for today, I will be heading back to safeway alone tonight while the kids are tucked into bed and PERFECTLY asleep. 


Rhodes Rules

Sympathetic Smile coming from an Ellensburg Mom with a 4 year old, 2year old and 6 month old!

Luke and Katie

i hear you! i normally try to go with luke or without the kids, but there have been times I have wanted to pull my hair out!
BUT, I am so proud of you for leaving the store. Not many people have the strength to do that i totally commend you! Way to go Peaches! ;)


I thank you!! Not only do you as, a parent recognize, that children and shopping do not mix. You also took action and did not just ignore the situation.

I feel like parents too often just ignore their children while they are shopping and let them to continue to act up in the store, crying and being loud, running into people, etc. I always say that I am goingt o run a child over with my cart one day and have to explain to an inattentive parent why I did it.

So I, a doggie mommy, applauded you, a people mommy, on your parenting. And for respecting the other shoppers within the store and for recognizing that children and shopping do not mix.



Padded Cell Princess

I've heard that the best way to practice taking kids to a store is to take goats into a store (one goat for each child and on really long leashes). If you can control a goat then you are ready for child! lol
I don't have kids yet but my mother-in-law would tell stories about putting her kids on time out next to the grapes because she wouldn't put up with acting up. Luckily my husband does most of the shopping :)