Monday, May 9, 2011

Mariner's Little League Weekend

This weekend was a Little League Weekend at Safeco field.  We couldn't pass up the chance to take the kids to the game for really cheap.  They also like to walk around the field.  It was alot of fun.  We walked across the ferry and enjoyed the game...EVENTHOUGH THEY LOST.  The kids loved the kettle corn and licorice ropes.  Lil' E was mesmerized by the game.
Walking around the field.  There are so many people who walk around and it was hard to actually find an opening to take a picture.  JBody and the boys snuck a feel of the field...they also got in trouble for it by an undercover safeco lady.  Quite funny though.

The kids...Check out Razy's hat.  I love the hot pink!

One excited little boy.  Check out our seats...TWO rows from the tip top, but we couldn't complain they were CHEAP and actually good seats.

Brother and Sister

Not the best shot of JBody, but a cute one of Doble

Aunt Tay Tay and JJ.

So can I just tell you that I don't get video games being brought to sporting events, parks, camping, ect.  There were so many kids there to "watch" the game, but instead of watching the game they were playing baseball video games.  What the heck?! The only time I saw some of these kids look up was to watch the big screen play a game of speed boats racing eachother (basically a giant video).  I am just grateful that my kids aren't glued to games all the time or the tv.  Yes Doble would sit in front of the tv for hours if I let him, but the key word is let and I don't let them do that.  Yeah I can't judge, but I just don't get it.