Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chocolate Filled Eggs Tutorial

I have been meaning to post this for a while now.  On of JBody's Massage Therapists make these for Easter and I wanted to give it a try.  I guess she does like 4 dozen.  Let me tell you that I was done after 18.  My cheeks hurt and my head was light headed after blowing all them. 

What you will need:
eggs (the smaller the better) banty eggs would work perfect
push pin or some type of needle
egg coloring kit
chocolate of your choice
piping bag or ziploc bag

Step 1:  Choose your eggs.  I used our chicken eggs.  However, next year I would go with banty eggs.  They are a very small chicken egg.  You use less chocolate and don't have to blow as much.
Poke a very small whole on the pointed end of your egg.  This will be the end that you will blow into.

Step 2: On the bottom end poke a larger whole.  This is the end that the egg yoke and white will come out from.  The bigger the better.  It will be hidden under the egg so having it be larger is okay.  Just don't get carried away with a really large whole. 

Step 3: Working alone, or with helpers, blow into the top end and blow the insides of the eggs out.  I let the kids try.  It is pretty hard so they didn't last long.  To tell you the truth I didn't really want them blowing them out because I was saving the insides to make German Pancakes.  I figured they didn't care if I blew the insides out, but I did care if they were blowing.  After blowing eggs out you will understand why I wanted to do the blowing.

Step 4:  I didn't take a picture, but you will need to clean the insides out.  I used the sprayer thinging on our sink.  I don't remember what the thing is called, but I sprayed hot water into the bigger end and then shook the water around.  I did this for awhile to make sure they were nice and clean.

Step 5: Color the eggs.  Because the eggs are hollow you will need to hold the eggs down into the coloring.  I wish I would have taken a picture of Razy's fingers/hand.  They were stained purple from the dye.  I recommend using gloves.  You might think coloring before blowing would work better, however, the dye will actually rub off around the area that you blow so you want to dye after they are blown.

Aren't they beautiful.  I love the look of dyed brown eggs.  They are so rustic and Martha Stewarty.

Step 6: Let dry overnight. You don't want any water inside the egg.

Step 7:  Fill your piping back with your choice of melted chocolate.  I used both milk chocolate chips and white chocolate candy melts.  I actually liked the chocolate chips the best. Notice how I put the piping bag in a cup with the tip bent.  This prevents chocolate from leaking out. 


Step 8: Fill each egg with chocolate into the larger hole.  Fill to the top and then gently shake the egg to remove any air bubbles that may be inside the eggs.

Step 9:  Let the chocolate set. 
Step 10: Surprise your family and friends when they open their egg to find yummy chocolate hidden inside.


Luke and Katie

wow! i would have never thought of this! thanks for the tutorial!


I absolutely love this idea and I am not going to wait until next year to try this but I am a little worried about the thought of putting them into the uncooked dried egg shell. Have you done this before? Has anyone gotten sick? How did they taste? Sorry about all the questions I am just curious. Love your blog by the way! thank you sincerely Eva