Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Out With Thomas

July 12th we took the kids (this was mainly for Doble) to see the REAL Thomas the Tank Engine. This was a dream come true to our HUGE Thomas fan. We started the trip off by driving half way to the Train Museum and getting a hotel room for the night. The kids got excited to take a swim in the hotel's indoor swimming pool. However, the thing was ice cold and we all soaked in the hot tub instead. The next morning we drove the rest of the way to the beautiful Snoqualmie Train Museum for a fun filled day full of Thomas activities. The kids got to explore the old trains they have at the museum, take a ride on the yellow speed car, meet Sir Topham Hat, get train tatoos, roam the gift shop, and much more. However, the highlight of the day for Doble was taking the 20 min train ride on the REAL Thomas.
Meeting Sir Topham Hat. We got really lucky to get in line so quickly. The boys only had to wait about 5 mins to meet the Famous conductor.

These tatoos took Forever to wear off. Doble didn't mind.

Our 3 Little Train Fans.

A Little Train Exploration...CHOO CHOO one tired little boy

Besides riding Thomas...The train play area was Doble's Favorite.

Waiting to take a ride on the Yellow Speeder Car. Mema with sister cheesy face (literally...she had cheetos all over her face) and Doble.

AND HERE COMES THE TRAIN OF THE HOUR!!A Family picture in front of our Favorite Train. Too bad Mommy has her eyes closed.

So excited to be on Thomas! Sitting with Mr. Conductor

Good Bye Thomas!! Thanks for a GREAT DAY!