Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Dishwasher Detergent

So the other night it was about 11 o'clock and I was just about to go to bed.  However, I remembered that I needed to start the dishwasher.  OOPS we were out of detergent!!  I remember seeing a pin on pinterest for a DIY detergent so I quickly headed over to pinterest.  After some searching and finding formula that I actually had all the ingredients to I set out to make it.  It was super quick and easy. 
I rounded up my ingredients
2 cups Baking Soda
2 cups Borax
1/2 cup Kosher Salt
Some recipes call for washing soda and citric acid, however I didn't have either.  Baking soda will do the same thing as washing soda. Although many people like the citric acid (or lemon Kool-Aid) it can actually leave streaks and scratch your dishes over time.  It will however help with the clumping of your detergent.  I have yet to get clumps since it has only been a couple of days, but when and if I get them, I have read you can put a panty hose with rice into your container of detergent.
You may also substitute Epson salt or another course salt for the Kosher salt.  The salt is used to help soften your water and it helps as a scouring agent to clean your dishes. 

Mix up all your ingredients.  No need to used special containers to do so since you will be using the same stuff to wash with!

The recipe actually fit perfectly into a quart sized mason jar. 

Vinegar can be added to your rinse cycle to help with any streaks and fogging on your dishes.

Here is a picture of my dirty dishes.  I rarely rinse my dishes before hand and I wanted to see if this detergent could cut through all the grime I leave on my dishes. 

1/2 TB in each compartment will do. 
1tsp vinegar in the rinse cycle if you choose to do so.

Look at those sparkly dishes.  Looks like someone moved my straw from spot to another.  I couldn't get a picture fast enough before the kids needed to eat breakfast. 
I have been very pleased with the outcome of my dishes.  I couldn't get a good picture without a glare of my glasses, but the ones with this detergent came out CLEANER than the old store bought stuff. 
The best part is.....wait for it.....This detergent cost me $0, Nada, Nothing to make.  Okay it would have if I didn't have any of the items.  But most of you probably already have all three things in your house.  That made the whole thing so worth it to me.  I really didn't want to make a trip to the store at 11pm and I really really didn't want to wash them by hand.  I know call me lazy, but there are other things I would much rather be doing with my time. 
Let me know if you try this DIY out or not.  Or do you have another homemade cleaning recipe you would like to share?  I would love to try it out!
After I run out of laundry detergent I plan on making my own.  I will have to let you know how it turns out.