Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shaklee Winners & Apology

Hello Readers.  I was supposed to announce this a couple of days ago, but I have a confession to make.  I have been super sick.  Getting on the computer is an effort.  So much so that I rarely check my email and I am never on the blog or facebook anymore.  I am hoping this will pass sooner rather than later.  It has been about 3 weeks now and who knows it could be another 3 weeks until I am feeling back to normal.  Forgive me for being a couple days late and bear with me in my lack of posts.  I really had plans on doing Give Thanks November this year, but it is looking like it could be later in the month that I will start it, if I do even start it.  Enough with my sad story and onto your winnings.  The following ladies have won a sample of the Shaklee Basic H Solution. 

Ladies you will be given an email to let you know that you have one.  You will have 48 hours to respond.  Congratulations!

If you are still reading than I will let you know why I have been so sick if you haven't already guessed. 

We are Expecting Baby #4

We are so excited.  I am so happy that each of the kids are so excited.  Razy inparticular cannot wait for her baby "sister" to come.  I keep telling her that there is a chance it could be a baby brother.  "Nope" she says.  "Girl babies come from mommies, and boy babies come from daddies."  Well little girl it doesn't work like that.  I am just happy that she can't wait to take care of it and be a big sister.  I know it will be a big suprise and change for her since she has been the baby for so long.  There are benefits of being the youngest and those are soon to be taken away from her.  For her sake she may want to have it be a boy.  That way, being the only princess cannot be taken away from her.  I on the other hand will love a boy or a girl.  There a things about both that I would love, but I really do think that every girl does need a sister.  Right now I can't be thinking about boy or girl.  I am just trying to get through the yucky morning sickness that seems to linger all day and into the night.  I am just thankful for an understanding husband who is okay with the fact that laundry isn't getting done (unless he does it), that the house is very messy lived in, and that dinners have become quite creative.  This will pass and I know that soon I will have forgotten how sick and tired I have been.  It is just all new to me.  This is the first time I have been sick during pregnancy.  I had other complications, but those seem so minor to the feelings I am feeling now.  You ladies who suffered or are suffering morning sickness I feel for you.  

How were your pregnancies?  Were you sick?  Tired? or did you feel the best ever in your life while pregnant?   


Luke and Katie

First off: CONGRATS! So great that you are expecting #4! Your kids are so beautiful that I can't wait to see what baby "sister" looks like :)
2nd..I had HORRIBLE pregnancies (#2 wasn't as bad), but I was so sick all 9 months that I am not sure if I can do #4. Besides being sick, my body sort of "falls apart" Literally. I have lots of health issues that Luke, my parents and friends don't want me to have another pregnancy.
3rd a final: THANK YOU! I am super excited to try Shaklee!
I'll miss your posts, start feeling better soon! ;)


Pregnancy is meant to be a challenge, because it strengthens us and actually makes us appreciate those little ones even more. I have had different challenges with each pregnancy. With some I was glowing and felt fabulous, but had difficult life situations to deal with. Others I was sick and barely moved, but life seemed to roll along. This too shall pass, and you will do wonderfully. I just know it! ;) Feel better, friend!--Thank you for the giveaway! It was my first win of thousands of other entries. I'm excited!

Sabin Family

Congratulations! You forgot to tell all of us when you are due! I hope you feel better soon! Morning sickness/all day sickness is the worst!!!

Positively Peaches

oops my bad. We are due in June. We seem to like May and June babies. This one could go either May or June because I get to go early. I am thinking most likely around May 28th. Busy time of year for us though. Anniversary, the boys's bdays and also 2 cousins in may and another in June!Lil' E is excited. He wants the baby to be born on his bday.

Rhodes Rules
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Congrats girl I'm so excited for you! I'm with Razy I think you should have a girl then I can send you pretty girl things well I can still send you fun boy things too for that matter. I was always nasueated but never super sick with my kids so I am completely sorry for you dear. Being sick sucks! Hang in there hope you get better soon!


Congratulations!!! I am so excited for all of you. I do hope you feel better soon, though. I had hyperemesis gravidarium with all three of my cubbies. It was a nightmare! I was in and out of the hospital getting IV's on a regular basis with the first one. Eventually one of my doctors found an over the counter medicine that was safe to take, and that kept me from throwing up constantly. It didn't stop it all together, but at least I didn't have to keep going in for IV's. I sure hope that you aren't having to deal with that. Pregnancy may be fun for some people, but I have not had that experience. With the last cubby, the two older boys thought it was great fun to pretend to throw up when I would. One day their pretend turned real. Then I had that to clean up too. Ugh... Focus on the future, and take as many naps as possible. I used to wish I could just sleep the whole nine months away. Best of luck! I'm crossing my fingers that your sickness won't last.

Chaotic Crafting

With my first I was sick EVERYDAY all day! With my second it was not so bad.