Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Medulla Oblongata!!!

On Monday, JBody and I took the kids out to dinner with my parents and sister. We were all enjoying our dinner and having fun family conversation and talking about my parents recent trip to Hawaii. Out of no where Lil' E starts spotting off information about the Medulla Oblongata. What 5 year old knows what that big long word is? I had heard of it, but couldn't tell you much of it. I will have to say that I was quite impressed with my little 5 year old and his knowledge of the brain, heart, and lungs. I give ALL credit of this knowledge to the preschool that he is attending this year. Teacher Georgia and Teacher Paula are two amazing teachers and I am sad that they won't be teaching preschool next year or the years to come. I am just so glad that Lil' E and Doble have been able to attend The Little Montessori. Thank you ladies. We will miss you, but for now we will enjoy the time we have left with you. As for my Lil' E, keep on learning that great stuff your learning!!

Oh and did you know that I am not the boss of Lil' E's body? His brain is the boss of his body. Silly little boy! You say the funniest things, but you must remember that mommy knows what is best for your little body as of right now.



So cute. Sounds like you are lucky to have great teachers.


I follow your blog, you know, and I must say that the title of this post is what caught my attention - Although I have to admit, the first thought that came to my mind was Adam Sandler in Water Boy. If you've ever seen that movie, you know what I'm talking about - but if you haven't seen it, then GOOD FOR YOU! Well, yes, Georgia and Paula are the world's best teachers and lovers of little children. They will be greatly missed. (SIGH!)