Tuesday, March 3, 2009



It has taken me awhile to actually get to our primary bulletin board. I started it and had some things up in January, but I really didn't like it. Then a bunch of things happened and I really just forgot about it. So I dedicated this previous weekend to redo and get up the bulletin board on Sunday. I think it turned out really cute. We share the board with 2 other wards. They have their stuff on either side of ours. I cut most of the stuff out using my Cricut. I love that machine.

The Primary theme for 2009 is My Eternal Family. Each month has a theme that pertains to the yearly theme. This months theme is Family Members have Important Responsibilities. The picture up in the left corner will be switched out monthly and replaced with the new months theme and scripture. In the right corner I put The Family Proclamation. In the middle of the board is a world with children from various parts and a temple. Every 2 weeks we will be spotlighting a family in the ward. Their picture will be placed in the middle of the temple and some information about them to the right in the green box. To the left of the world are the birthdays for the month. And at the bottom of the board are squares for information about Primary, Activity Day Girls, and Scouts. I love the theme for the year. The spirit is so strong as we teach the children about the family and how it is of God. The music for the year is exceptionally great. I love being able to share this experience each Sunday with Lil' E. I love my family so much and am so grateful to know that we can be a family for eternity.

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