Friday, August 1, 2008

Come Vote For Me!!

Hey everyone I need a little help. So I entered some of the giveaways on the previously mentioned Bloggy Giveaway Carnival. Anyway right now I am in the running for a $50 GC to Hanes. Let me just tell you I am in need of this card. Doble just started potty training, as of this morning. So we are needing to stock up on the undies department. And like many of you know the sock monster who lives in the dryer is out of control this year. He has stolen way to many socks for his britches from my house. What socks he hasn't stolen have been worn through and are extremely holy due to my boys playing outside without socks (they don't seem to remember the outside shoe rule). I know there are other things that Hanes has to offer, but these are just a couple that we are in need of at our house. So if you are feeling generous please, please, please head over to the Giveaway and vote for yours truly. I am the Spongebob must go for those of you that needed to know, but it says so right there. While you are over there check out the rest of Jane's posts. Thank you, thank you.



I sent you an email letting you know you won my bloggy carnival prize, but just in case you don't receive the email, I had to let you know here, too. alphabet stamps, ink pad, and glitter notecards. I'll need your snail mail address by August 4th in order to get those in the mail to you. There will be a post about it on my blog tomorrow, and I am referring people to your blog to vote in the Hanes contest. Please send your address via email to armitage923 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Thanks, and congratulations!

Mama's Losin' It

Hey! you won the stroller on momdot!!! Congratulations!!

Tiffany Hewlett

I am grateful for the lack of posts! I have been trying to catch up on everyones blog for the past 2months and it was nice to have a break! hee hee!