Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DOBLE DOS VUELTAS {Doble turns two}

Happy Birthday Doble!

Birthday: May 12th
Age: 2
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite T.V. show: Thomas and Friends
Favorite Movie: Thomas and the Magic Railroad
Favorite Song: Nephi's Courage
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Pastime: Reading, Playing Outside, Throwing Rocks
Best Friend: Big Brother

The Twelth was Doble's 2nd Birthday. We celebrated like we did last year by starting the day off with the annual irrigation parade (pictures to be posted later). Family and friends came to celebrate and eat lots of yummy pizza. It shouldn't be any surprise to many of you that the theme for the party was Thomas the Train. Here are some pics of the party and pre cake making.

The first picture is of his birthday invite it is a Train Ticket. Of course the real ones had his real name on them, but this gives you an idea of what it looked like.

The Cake Process: I began making the cake on Tuesday. I started with the face made out of fondant. Let me tell you it is harder than you would think. I was thinking it would be a "piece of cake" and yet it still took me about an hour and a half to make it and it still didn't come out as well as I was hoping. Doble say it right after I was done and got made because I wouldn't give him the "Thomas Cookie". He actually looks a little more like Percy than Thomas I think.

What the heck is that mess. This was a long process and by the time I got to put my crumb frosting layer on it, it had already thawed so it just started to crumble all over the place. I just about gave up.

Good thing I didn't because it actually didn't turn out too bad. Still not what I was hoping for. But he enjoyed it. The squiggles under the happy birthday are on purpose. I wanted to keep his name hidden from the blog.

Can you tell that he just woke up from a nap and he got a little sun from the parade?

All that hard work is gone. I hate cutting into the cake. It takes so long to make and only a few minutes to be destroyed. Lil' E thought Doble was taking too long. He started to feed him because I told him that Doble couldn't open his presents till he was done with his cake. Doble could have cared less. It was Lil' E who wanted to open presents so bad.

Well another year has gone by and our kids are only getting bigger. Lil' E will be celebrating his birthday next month so I better get off the computer and start his cake now. Just kidding.



Way to go, Alisha! That is one AWESOME cake! And you were so brave to do fondant - it looks so awesome! Too bad we aren't closer so you can help me with my cakes! :)
Love, Lindy


So I was thinking about it after I got off the phone with you yesterday.. and maybe doble was as excited about his cake as lil e becuase he is a year younger.. I don't know but it did turn out REALLY good I wish I could have been home to share in the excitment!!


You AMAZE me! That cake is awesome! So maybe you should do professional cake decorating? WOW!!!! Way to be a fun Mom!


Holy crap! You did awesome on that cake. Nicely done.

Happy Birthday Doble.


Great job, the cake looks awesome!! How fun!!