Thursday, May 15, 2008

American Fighter

Many of you know that JBody is a big MMA fan. This has flowed over to the rest of us I guess. The boys love night. Mostly because alot of people come over and we let them eat alot of candy. When he first introduced me to the sport I was not a fan. I didn't like watching a bunch of grown men beating eachother to a bloody pulp. There were brutal knock outs and it just wasn't my thing. That was about 6 years ago and we were watching fights that had aired even more years before that. The sport has changed alot since then. There are more rules and JBody has explained it to me more so I have a better understanding. There is still blood and knock outs but the refs stop the fights before someone gets hurt too bad. I actually will sit and watch it now when we have fight nights. To some of you it may seem wrong to let our children watch the fights and in a way I understand where you are coming from. However, I think that many of you if you had a basic understanding wouldn't think of it like that. Yes, I would never want my children to become fighters, but I would allow them to train. There is a lot of skill and strategy with the sport. JBody and others describe it as a kinesthetic chess match. For JBody's birthday last year I bought him this brown and pink American Fighter t-shirt. So here he is on the day of fight night with Razy ready for the fights as well in her pink and brown.


Joel and Kristie

I LOVE seeing pix of your family!! We neeeed MORE!! Those are tooo PRECIOUS!!!

Tiffany Hewlett

She is getting so big~she is beautiful and your boys are adorable! Love the family pics-and I changed your name-so hakuna matata!

Richard & McKenna

Haha yeah Richard is also a fan of MMA and the more he explains it and I start to understand, I actually enjoy watching it with him! Its fun to share something with him that I know he likes...its like when he watches a chick flick with me! :) Your family is adorable by the way!


Girl, you are crazy! I would hate to watch such a thing, but way to be a good sport.

I can't believe how big baby Razy is getting. She is too cute.


Aaron would love it if I would take an interest in MMA. He goes over to his friends house for fight night and I watch a girl movie! Lol!

The Perkes Family

On these nights my boys will "train" with Bob. When my 2 year old is using the arm bar I know I am in trouble :) I guess we are living the same life.