Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Only My Child

So Lil' E is really into spiderman lately. He loves to watch the animated series on Toon Disney (thanks to DVR--It is normally on at 4:30 in the morning so we can record it), he loves to jump around the room shooting his "web". He has a spiderman hoodie that he begs to wear everyday. Luckily I have been able to talk him out of it lately. I swear people must think I never change his clothes. Anyway it didn't come to much surprise when on Sunday he came running up to me in the hall and told me that he had drawn a picture in primary. And what do you think it was? Yes, it was a picture of spiderman (well his version of him anyway). I promise we have taught our children spiritual things, it was just on this particular day he had to be the one that had to draw a picture of a super hero instead of Christ or the scriptures or something.

Let me tell you a story that does show he is trying to learn other things than spiderman. One day JBody was at scouts and I had to put the kids to bed myself. We have a bedtime routine of reading from the Book of Mormon, singing a primary song, having family prayer, and then taking the kids up to put on pjs, brush teeth, and bedtime prayers. This particular night I decided to teach the kids "Nephi's Courage". When we finished the song we prayed and headed upstairs. Here is the conversation that took place while putting on pjs.

Lil' E: Why was Laman and Lemuel afraid?
Me: They didn't trust the Lord like Nephi did
Lil' E: Why was Laban bad?
Me: He had the plates and didn't want to give them to Nephi's family. He did bad things.
Lil' E (in a very stern loud voice): Well I would be brave like Nephi. I would go up to that bad man and say You give me those plates. Then I would kick and scream until he gave me them. I would trust the Lord.

He then told me over and over that he would go with Nephi and trust. I was a happy and proud mommy right then.



Too cute. Being brave like Nephi can be scary ;) Yay for Lil'E.

I have to laugh about the Spiderman picture. It reminds me of a little kid in my old ward who routinely went up at testimony meeting to remind us all he was thankful for his playstation. Sometimes he would mention his parents, but only if they were cooking him dinner :) Gotta love the honesty of a kid.


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