Monday, May 7, 2007

Leaning Tower of Legos...Look out Below!

Here is our version of the Leaning Tower of Piza.
Lil' E began building a tower on his own, then Mommy and Aunti Bailes had to join in. The goal was to get it to reach the ceiling. This task, which we thought would only take a few minutes, turned into a 20 minute family adventure. It didn't make it any easier with a little helper who thought the goal of the project was to knock it down. This was a little frustrating for Lil' E, but we had to keep reminding him that he wass the exact same way when he was Doble's age. Daddy came home and we were still trying to build it, so he joined in. Good thing he was there to help because we need all the hands we could get. The dang thing didn't want to stay upright. Within seconds of finishing the tower Aunti Bailes, Daddy and Lil' E had to run before the tower came CRASHING down. We had just enough time to get a picture of the completed structure, thanks to Mommy's expert picture taking. Looks like legos aren't just for the little kids.


Chad & Tiffany Hewlett

Good to see your blog! Found it on the Simpsons. Hope all is well-your family is adorable-I cannot believe how big your boys are getting and that you are preggers again! Brave, Brave woman!

Kirkham Family

THAT WAS AWESOME!! I loved it! And yes...Spencer loves the train..and so do I!

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I want to play at your house!