Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday Doble Dear!

Our Little Doble is now ONE!
Doble's Birthday was a blast. We had a BBQ, pinata, gifts, and lots, and lots of fun.


We made our own paper mache pinata. We were really worried that the thing was going to break on the first couple of wacks, but it actually held out for a long time. Doble had no idea what was going on, but we still had to pose him for pictures.


We could have bypassed this whole part and Doble would have never even cared. He did not want to sit there and try to open anything he just wanted to crawl around. Lil' E was more into the gifts than Doble was (You'll just have to wait your turn Lil' E).

I like to make a cool cake for the kids' birthdays. For Lil' E's 1st Birthday a friend and I made a 3-D Alligator and Frog. This year for Doble's Birthday I made a 3-D Squirt from Finding Nemo and a Star Fish. It took me forever to finish it (good thing I made it the day before). Doble got to dig into the Star Fish while the rest of us ate the Turtle. He really didn't want to eat it and we had to really force it on him. I think he was still full from all the gummy worms and not feeling too good from being outside in the hot sun all day. But we did get some really good pictures.

Mommy's Masterpiece (8 hours of hard work)

Doble has been practicing his blowing skills for the past couple of weeks. A few days ago he got really good at it, but when it came time to blow out his candle on the cake he got a little nervous and we had to call in the old pro. No worries, Big Brother Lil' E came to his rescue and got the job done.

Hurry get a picture in before the mess begins.

He needed a little help starting.

Well he needed a little more help than we thought he would. He really didn't want to eat it. Who has to force their kid to eat cake and frosting?!

Okay maybe I can handle this stuff.

Or maybe not!

Let's try some icecream.

How many pictures and you going to take of me eating cake?

It's my cake stay away balloons.

Here Baby Brother, I brought you some balloons to go with your cake.

Yeah he is finally enjoying it.

Mmm...This stuff is starting to taste good.

Please tell me this is the last bite!
Doble tried to be so careful by using his fork, but mommy had to go and ruin it by smearing cake all over his face just for a picture.


After messy birthday cake you have to get a bath. We didn't want to fill the whole tub so we figured the sink would do.

After all that cake a large bottle of cold water sure does hit the spot.

He probably drank more water than he ate of Birthday cake.

Okay I am done with the cake, I am done with the bath, now get me out of here and put me to bed.