Saturday, March 31, 2012

Inspirational Weekend

Yesterday was a the start of what would turn out to be a very spiritually uplifting weekend.  It was a very bittersweet day yesterday as we as a family attended a funeral for a family member who had passed away.  It was a very unexpected death.  One that no one wants to hear has happened.  You see, our cousin just lost her sweet little 9 month old to SIDS.  The news came on the Tuesday the 20th.  Little Ryleigh had passed that morning.  Being pregnant added extra emotions for me. I thought of his mother.  I thought of the pain, the mourning, and the grief that she must be going through.  I know that I could not even imagine to the extent that it really was.  For the next week and a half I continued to think of her. 

We talked as a family of what had happended on Monday for Family Home Evening.  We have been preparing Lil' E for his baptism that will be coming up.  We believe that at the age of 8 children are at the age of accountabilty and ready to be baptized.  It is the first step in their life that they will take to be able to return and live with our Father in Heaven (for more information on what we believe visit HERE). We have talked alot about this ordinance and wanted to explain to them that although Ryleigh was only 9 months and hadn't been baptized he was going to return and live with Heavenly Father.  He was perfect and without sin.  We didn't really know what to expect from each of the kids, but we knew it was important for them to be there with us as we went to the funeral. 

Yesterday was the funeral. As we listened to Vanessa share Ryleigh's life story, I was in awe of her strength. I was amazed in her faith and her trust she placed in Christ.  Although her little baby was taken early she was strong.  She knew that he was taken early because he had fulfilled his purpose in life.  As a mother of three children myself, I questioned myself.  Could I have that much faith?  Could I place all my grief in his hands?  My testimony of the gospel was only strengthened as each person spoke on the Plan of Salvation.  There were many tears shed.  Many of us were grieving, if not all.  However, the spirit was so strong and I know that every person there was touched by it.  Even our little 7 year old, Lil' E, felt it.  It was very overwhelming for him.  However, as a mother, was so touched that he knew that he was feeling and recognizing the Spirit. 

Today we were once again filled with inspiration and words meant for us from our Heavenly Father given through the Prophet, Apostles, and leaders of the church.  Tomorrow we once again get to be spiritually filled.  Not only were JBody and I able to listen, but each of our kids were able to sit and learn.  Yes they got antsy.  Yes, there were times that they got distracted.  However, they also were able to feel the spirit and be taught. 

Some of my favorite things from today:

"Don't hyperventilate about something that happened at 9 o'clock in the morning when the grace of God is trying to reward you at 6 o'clock in the evening." -Jeffrey R. Holland

"Family time is Sacred time." -Boyd K. Packer

Summerized: Our Father in Heaven knows and loves our children.  He knows what they need to know to become and return to him.  It is not intended for us as parents to teach them alone.  We need to turn to him for help with each of our children. -Cheryl A. Esplin

"There is no end in the capacity to Love." -Paul E. Koelliker

"If the foundation of faith is not imbedded in our hearts, the power to endure with crumble."-Henry B. Eyring

"Acting on a twig of faith allows God to grow it."-Henry B. Eyring

"Be Kind and be grateful that God is kind.  It is a happy way to live." -Jeffrey R. Holland

"You can't be right by doing wrong.  You can't be wrong by doing right."- President Thomas S. Monson

"When one is tone death in the music of faith, he is out of tune with the spirit." -Quentin L. Cook

These are some of the notes I took from today.  If you would like to hear more or read everything that was spoken in todays session of General Conference you can visit HERE.

And now it is time to spend some more time with the family before it is off to bed.  Then up in the morning for another day of inspiration and spiritual feasting. 



I didn't realize that it was a family member. I am so sorry to hear of the loss and so moved by her faith.
Sounds like a very emotional and enlighting weekend. Thanks for sharing.