Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Can Breathe Again

You may be asking how this picture has anything to do with me breathing...Well let me tell you.
I love Christmas, but alas it is no longer that time of year.  I usually have my tree up the day after Thanksgiving and then take it down the first weekend in January.  Who knew keeping it up any longer than that would DRIVE ME CRAZY!!

I was begining to wonder why I felt so overwhelmed and clasterphobic.  Yep it was the tree and all the other Christmas decorations around the house.  We still had the unwrapped gifts under the tree and the kids were CONSTANTLY taking them out and stringing them around the living room.  I was going to wait and focus on my upcoming wedding cake, but I could no longer handle it.  Now finally I have a clean...well as clean as it can get with three kids room.  If only I could get the rest of the house to follow. 

Do you feel the same way I do when decorations take over your home?  When everything comes down doesn't everything seem so much bigger? 



I totally agree. I was so pleased with the emptiness left over when it was all put away. :) Good luck on the wedding cake.

Queen of Spades

That is exactly how I feel, every year. I took our Christmas paraphernalia down two days after the blessed event. I couldn't stand looking at it anymore.


it makes me want to leave everything up! i don't like clutter but there is something so home-y with all the decorations i love...

A. Linde

I enjoy Christmas while it is here, the decorations, lights,and especially the Christmas spirit, but as soon as New Years has passed it just doesn't feel right anymore. I have been so busy the past few weeks that it took me a lot longer to take everything down than it has in the past. Each morning I would walk past our living room I would think, "Oh that tree is still there. No one removed it while I was sleeping. I have got to do that today!!" Alas it didn't happen until this Thursday. But finally everything has been restored until next year! I miss you too, especially our girls' night outings! Please send me photos of your cake, you are an amazing baker. Don't doubt your abilities like I know you are doing right now in your head! It will be gorgeous. Love, April