Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our First Family Mariners Game!

The Mariners were on a seven game losing streak!  Well that was going to happen as we all stepped into the stadium on Saturday afternoon. 

We literally got to step onto the field.  It was little league day so we got to participate in the Little League Parade around the Warning Track.

You need your mitts boys in order to catch a ball.

Mariners dug out.  Check out the huge gumballs.  The kids thought that was cool.  Doble even got a piece of double bubble from an Angels player (Mercado). 


We were pretty high up.  Cheap seats.  I would say about 8 rows from the highest seats.  However, they were great seats!  Lil' E was not happy when he saw where we were sitting.  We told him next time he could pick the seats.

The kids couldn't wait to get their very own cotton candy. 
Doble even started to complain because he couldn't see.  I asked him what he meant he could see just fine.  He told me, "I can't see the guy." 
"What guy?" I asked
"The cotton candy guy"
And then I didn't even get a picture of him eating it.  Dang it!

Let's Go Mariners!!!!
Doble had fun shaking his booty trying to get on the big screen.  He never did make it, but still had fun trying.

I think it will be awhile until we take Doble and Razy back to a game.  Doble wasn't really into it the whole time and Razy well.  She had fun as long as she had cotton candy, popcorn, and the goodies Mema brought.

Lil' E on the other hand LOVED IT!.  He is so into baseball right now and loves playing on his t-ball team.  I need to get pictures up of him playing and in his uniform.

Good Night Mariners! Maybe next time you can pull of the win.
It was a really good game and close the whole time.  However in extra innings the Mariners lost 4-3 to the Angels.  They did go onto win Sunday's game 8-1 and then again against the Orioles 5-1.