Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lil' E's Cake is Posted

Lil' E turned five on the 4th but we waited to celebrate with cake and icecream until today. He has been asking for a shark cake for the past 3 months. However for the past two days he has been a little cranky. I have warned him over and over that if he didn't change his attitude and start listening to mommy, his shark cake would be turning into a tinkerbell cake. Well today he and his brother got a little out of hand and broke one of my willowtree figures. I told him that was his last warning about the cake and sent the two up to their beds for a nap. While he napped I came up with a Fairy cake as a trick. I frosted a shoe box with pink frosting and put one of Razy's fairies on top and then put some Rhodys on it...Do not eat Rhodys they are POISONOUS! The cake was not meant to be eaten so I thought the Rhodys were an easy decoration in crunched time.

We sent the kids out to play and had them come in for cake and icecream. This is what Lil' E came into see sitting on the table.

He took one look at the cake and quickly turned around and walked out of the house. No tears (yet) or words. Just a turn and leave.
I ran out to follow him. I asked him what the matter was and why he was upset. He told me..."I don't like it. I don't want to see it." I told him to come back in and I was sorry for making a fairy cake, but I had told him that it would happen if he couldn't change his behavior. My dad came out to help me and I went back in. He got him to finally come in and told him to really think about what he wanted his cake to look like and make a wish...

It still took him a lot of courage to look. He DIDN'T want to see a pink cake

He finally looked and the sadness had changed to joy!

After the whole ordeal he wanted to cut the pink cake for the girls....Ooops sorry no can do to a box. He got a kick out of that.

Yes I know that this probably places me into the running for world's worse mom of the year. But now we all...yes even Lil' E laugh at the whole thing. The REAL cake made him forget about the whole thing. To see pictures of the REAL cake follow the link below. There is also a recipe found at the end of the post of the Shark Cake.



Haha you're welcome for the idea! When I got the call from dad saying that someone needed to talk to me I thought Lil E was going to get on the other line not happy with me! It was good to hear the laugh in his voice when he said "that was a funny joke Bails".. Man I love that little boy, I can't believe how big he is getting!!

The Simpson Family

Oh my heck! I love this! Sneaky sneaky mommy!
Ya better shape up, or ya get a girly cake!!!


I think this is great! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one whose told her boys that they are going to get something girly if they don't shape up. Glad he laughed about it!

The Perkes Family

That is hilarious. You are so clever. Both cakes looked awesome!


You the worst mom? Ha, you'd have to do much worse than that! In fact, he will probably remember his 5th birthday a little better. Maybe next year he'll behave a little better, too.


you need to update your blo9g girl


Alisha you are so awesome! I love this story. Oh man, so funny. Gotcha! Happy Birthday Espn!