Friday, October 5, 2007

Lil' E and Doble Announce the Birth of Razy

Lil' E and Doble are pleased to announce the birth of their new baby sister Razy. The boys love their little sister to death. Here they are giving their first kisses to their new baby.


So let me tell you about the day she was born. D.J. and I went in for the amnio at 7:20am on Monday September 24th. If the amnio results showed that her lungs were developed we would come back the next day for the c-section. I had had an amnio before, but I was still pretty nervous. I had nothing to worry about and felt kind of silly when the whole thing was over because it didn't hurt at all. Maybe just a little cramping which was due to the needle going not only through my uterus but through the placenta as well. The doctor got his sample which included a little blood from the placenta, but that wouldn't be a problem. They put me on the monitors just to track contractions for awhile. A little while later the nurse came back in to check the monitor and I had had a good contraction and during the time Razy's heart rate was lost. She told the doctor about it and they decided to watch a little while more. About an hour later the doctor came in saying that one of the tests came back saying her lungs were developed, but the other couldn't be done because the sample had the blood from the placenta in it. However, he decided that since her lungs were good to go that we might as well do the c-section a day early. Dang it for me I had eaten at 6:30am and had to wait 8 hours before doing the surgery. So we were scheduled for 2:00pm unless she had another drop in her heart rate. Well 2:00 came and we were bumped because they had had some Emergencies that went before us. However at 6:30pm they wheeled me back to start the surgery.

Here is D.J. during the wait. He got a bit bored. It was a loooooooong day!
Back to the story. So D.J. got in his scurbs and I was brought into the O.R. They started the spinal. They tried, and tried, and tried again to get it to go. On the 3rd try I had a weird sensation shoot through my left leg...oops wrong spot. On the 4th try they got it. However, I would show the affects later on (big old bruise). Well D.J. came in and he could tell something was the matter. With Doble's delivery I only felt pressure so I thought I knew what to expect. Nope not the case. The spinal hadn't totally made it up to my chest by the time they started and I was feeling more than just pressure. After a rough while.. I have no idea how long, Razy was crying away. They brought her over to me for a few minutes before she and Jason left to give her a bath. What seemed like forever, but was about an hour and 45 minutes I was stitched back up and monitored before I was able to see my new little girl. However, when I saw her the pain had subsided (for a bit) and I was in love all over again.
Here she is....Our little angel
The boys love her so much.
Lil' E is in love. He always wants to hold her and is very willing to help out, as long as it is helping out his Baby Razy.
"Hey everyone I have a new baby sister come over and see her."
Meeting Aunt Tay Tay
Kisses from Aunti Bailes

Mema and Papa finally have a Granddaughter

Sleepy Little Girl

"Don't worry Baby Razy I will take care of you forever."

We are ready to go home.

Thank you to everyone for following up and for the wonderful comments and advise. Mommy and Baby are now doing great. Mommy is up and about and is already driving herself all over town running errands. Life is actually pretty good with our new addition. She sleeps great and really is a joy. We will keep you posted on Razy's progress.


Kirkham Family

OMGosh!! SHE IS GORGEOUS! Seriously, she is absolutely beautiful...and she is got the cutest cheeks! Ohh, I love her! I am so glad that your boys love her so much, it makes things soo much easier, right? Well, take care & keep updating!


I am so glad you shared the story with us all. What a precious addition to your family! Congratulations!

Joel and Kristie

She is sooo BEAUTIFUL!!! The Jason pix still make me hope she takes after her Momma!!! Congratulations on your new little Princess!


Wow! She is beautiful. Congrats! Glad to hear things are going so well. Keep us posted!

Leisy Family

So beautiful!!! I can not believe that you felt so much. that had to suck!!! I am glad that you and baby are both okay!! Congratulations on the new addition!!

Brower Family

Congrats on you new little girl! She is beautiful! I know that you are finding out, but having a girl is SO much fun. Good luck with everything. You have a gorgeous family. And, I love her name! Tell your fam hi for me.

Chad & Tiffany Hewlett

She is perfect! I am so happy for you!

Darnell, Amy, Kymora, Bo, and Quinn

Oh what a sweety! 3 is rough the first week but it does get better! Glad you're doing so well. You've always had a lot of family support with all your kids!

Goodman Family

Congratulations! How fun to finally have a little girl. She is beautiful!


Kirkham Family

So, Mama of is it? Tell me the honest truth, so that I don't jump in and have 3! :)
Hope you are doing well..

Taylor and Crystal

We now also have a blog! I hope everyone is adjusting well. She sure is a beautiful baby!!

The Perkes Family

Congratulations to you guys! Only 4 days difference between our 2 babies :) I hope you are enjoying a baby girl...I will get one someday! She really is beautiful. Good job.

Joel and Kristie

Hey we need some new blogs from you!!!!

Kim and Seth

Wow, three kids! Congrats! I dont know if you guys even remember us, kim and seth palmer, but we were in the same married ward at byu idaho. I saw your link on Melissa Duckers paige and couldnt resist seeing what you guys were up to!


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