Monday, June 25, 2007

Enchanted Village and Wild Waves

Every year it is a tradition to go to Enchanted Village and Wild Waves in Federal Way. This year was alot of fun becuase both the boys could participate in the rides. Lil' E and Doble rode alot together as did Lil' E and Daddy. Mommy had to stand by and watch becuase pregos can't ride rides. That's okay, because everyone still had alot of fun. Daddy really enjoys the rides and this year one of his favorites as the bumper cars. However, he did get in trouble for driving the wrong way.
Take A Look At The Fun We Had!

Here is Lil' E and Daddy on Espn's first roller coaster ride. He looks scared, but he actually really liked it.

The boys in their sweet futuristic car. Doble loved the rides. This one was his very first ride ever.

Mommy was nervous to put Doble on the boat ride. I was just scared that he would attempt to climb out, but I was wrong and he stayed sitting the whole time.

Lil' E on the Helicopters all by himself. He couldn't figure out how to make it fly so he and Daddy had to ride the next time around together.

Whee! Doble and Aunti Bailes on the Helicopter. They got up higher than Daddy and Lil' E.

Last year Mommy and Lil' E went on the Scrambler together. This year Mommy couldn't go so Aunti Bailes and Matt took him. He was freaked out at first until Bailes told him it would be fun to squish Matt.

For some reason we could not get Lil' Eto go on this car ride. He went on it last year no problem. Later we found out it was becuase he was afraid of the man opperating it. He didn't want the guy to help him in the car. He was okay when Daddy helped him.
Yay! The Carousel...Finally a ride Mommy can go on. Lil' E was a bit pooped by this point.
We had a bunch of stares and cold looks when we tried getting Lil' E on the Pirate Ship. We knew he would like it once he was on it, but he went on kicking and screaming. When he got off he couldn't wait to get back on. I think Daddy took him on it like 4 or 5 times. Crazy Kid!!
Everyone went out to enjoy the water. Mommy and Doble stayed behind becuase Doble was getting a little heat exhausted. Lil' E didn't want to get into the water and wanted to go back to the rides so Mommy met up with him and Daddy and left Doble with Duema. When we came back he was fast asleep on Duema's chest.