Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Camping at Kalaloch

I can't believe it is already the end of August. But mid August means our big camping trip to Kalaloch. It is a tradition that we do every year with D.J's family. It is pretty popular with the family. There are about 10 different camp sites taken by just our family. I think we counted around 90 people this year at the family potluck. It is alot of fun filled with beach time, smelting, yummy junk food, and camp fires. This year we brought along Lil' E's bike and if we weren't at the beach he wanted to be on his bike.

The weather was the best that we have experienced. After arriving and getting settled into our campsite we took the boys down to Kalaloch Beach. It was nice and sunny with very little wind. Lil' E and Daddy dug a deeeep hole, while Doble enjoyed the comfort of the blanket. He wasn't to fond of the sand at first.

On Day two we went down to Ruby Beach. As you can see by the pictures there is an area where a creek empties into the the ocean. Around the creek is a bunch of pebbles. This year the water was really low. Last year the older kids were able to build rafts and float in the water. It was more like a river. It was nice for the little kids this year. Just a little ways from the creek is the ocean with huge rocks perfect for taking pictures. We will have to do a family picture next year as Mommy wasn't allowed to climb over all the rocks this year.

What is it about boys and rocks? They love to throw rocks into the water. This is one of Daddy's favorite things to do as well.

Daddy and Lil' E on the Big Hole Rock.

Lil' E was really afraid of the ocean water. I think it is becuase we watched shark week the previous week. When we told him we were going to the ocean he said, "But the sharks will get me."

Daddy and Lil' E with an awesome view


Kalaloch Creek is another creek that empties into the ocean. It was a bit wendy and chilly, but we still had fun playing in the sand. It was quite the work out getting there for mommy. Who would have known walking in the sand could be so hard.


After the big BBQ we all headed down to Kalaloch Beach to take pictures, play bocce ball and play in the sand. I still haven't recieved the big group picture, but I have some with our family and D.J's mom and brothers and sisters.

Doble and Duema while we were waiting to get our pictures taken.

D.J's Brother and Sisters and their families, Us, and D.J's Parents.

Your's Truly

Being Silly

Lil' E and his cousin Macy playing (what are they up to?)


The Nature walk is a little path through the forest where you can take pictures, but most importantly the kids love to pick the huckleberries.

Everyone was picking huckleberries for huckleberry pancakes. Everyone that is except for
Lil' E. What he picked he ate. MMMM!

Doble enjoyed being pushed by whoever was willing.

All The Cousins

Look we found a few more cousins:

We sure do have some silly cousins.

Monday was our last day camping. We loaded up the car and then took the kids down to the beach one last time. We ended staying down there for quite some time. By now Doble was really into the sand and Lil' E had become a master at climbing over the beached logs. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and hot and there was not a bit of wind. Keen tried to fly a kite but there was no wind to do so.

Lets see what he is up to.

Careful Kiddo

Good job Lil' E you made it to the top. Now it's time to take a picture.

Coming back down and ready for blast off. 5,4,3,2,1...


Daddy and Doble on the beach logs.
Mommy doesn't usually get pictures taken of her becuase she is usually the one behind the camera. Daddy caught her by surprise and got a few of her and Doble out by the water.

Doble loved the water. He headed straight for it. I thought that the cold water would startle him, but I was wrong. When we got back to the group, Lil' E had been crying. He was afraid for us. He didn't want us to go out to the ocean and he was just a little worried.
Well that wraps up our trip. It was alot of fun. What will be in store for us next year? Hopefully the weather is just as good and hopefully Razy likes camping as much as her big brothers.


Kirkham Family

YAY YAY YAY!! You finally updated..and let me just tell you that those last few pictures of your sillouette in the water...beautiful!!

Joel and Kristie
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Sounds like you have been there for quite a few times. Do you remember which loop you were in? I booked D20 and were wondering if it's a large site or a tiny one. I have a huge tent of 12 x 15 so I am not sure if it will fit.