Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 1- Project Pinterest 2012

As promised I am posting all the fun things we are doing for Spring Break.  This year instead of doing our annual "Stay"cation Destination, we are doing "Project Pinterest".  Every day this week the kids are choosing one of my pins from pinterest to complete.  This can be anything from a recipe, a craft, a game, etc.  They had lots of things to choose from, but I think that they are excited with what they choose. 

Today's Project
Marble Race Tracks
This was a very simple craft to pull together.

You will need:
1 foam pool noodle
exacto knife
tooth picks
glue dots

To Make:
1.  Cut your pool noodle in half length wise.
2.  Using toothpicks, glue dots, and paper, create your start and finish lines
3.  Race your marbles.

The kids had a lot of fun with these.  They got creative and connected the two tracks to make a longer one and raced about 15 marbles down it at once. 

We also pulled out the marble tube tracks.  Of course they asked me to help build it.  Man are these things tricky.  After I got the whole thing set up, I went to the kitchen to clean it.  When I came back they had taken alot of it apart and had constructed there own. 

The weather was actually really nice today.  This was completely unexpected.  Spring Break is usually really rainy and it was even forcasted as such for this week.  However, today the sun was shining and it was 61 degrees..."Hot weather" according to Lil' E.  We took a break and loaded into the car for a trip to the local creamery.  I needed to go there to get some cheese salt for a project we are doing later in the week and the kids wanted to see the baby cows.  They had alot of fun and didn't want to leave.

Meet Abigail.  She loved the kids.  She had fun sniffing them and licking Lil' E.  He thought he was the bravest because he let her do so. 

Doble enjoyed her too.  I was certain he wouldn't get as close as he did, but just like his big brother he wanted to pet the baby cows and get really close to them. 

Lil' E spotted this cutie.  His cute little heart on the top of his head was awesome.  I can't remember what his name was. 

Of course Razy kept her distance.  She thought the cows were cute, but she didn't want them near her.  Towards the end of the visit she got close enough to pet them as long as they kept their heads down. 

Abigail and Lil' E again.  He left with a slobbery shirt. 

In the big barn were some of the bigger cows. 

The baby cows were so curious.  There was one that was really interested in Lil' E's shoes.  I kept telling him that it wanted to untie his shoe.  Sure enough it pulled on his shoe and untied it. He thought it was quite silly. 

The Maternity Wing was full of the mama cows.   

Razy getting braver. 

These twins were funny.  The one kept sucking on his siblings ear. 

I would say that our first day of Spring Break was a success.  The weather cooperated.  The kids didn't ask to watch a bunch of tv.  In fact they only watched on episode while I was looking forward to their marble tube track.  We got to visit the creamery, which was an unexpected pleasure.  The day isn't over and they are still enjoying the weather.  It is 6:23pm and they are still playing hard outside on their playset.  Days like today actually make me look forward to summer.  Happy Spring everyone!