Too Cute for Words

While driving in the car to school today Lil' E was telling Doble that race cars do not have air bags.
Mommy: "How do you know that Lil' E?"
Lil' E: "Because I am smart. I know almost everything."
Mommy: "There are still lots of things you have yet to learn."
Lil' E: "Camels have 4 legs. I know that and that means I am smart." (7 April 2011)

We were talking about hereos and who were are hereos.
The kids proudly proclaimed...
"Bella is a hero.  She saved our ball from the neighbors yard." (March 2011)

My brother's wife is pregnant with a girl.  Yeah finally a girl.  We currently have 5 grandsons, and Razy is the only granddaughter.  We were so happy to find out we have another girl coming.  Razy doesn't seem to understand that this baby is not her baby.  When we talk about the baby in Jenna's tummy Razy asks...
"My Baby?"  She even calls it her baby Taylor.  She says that she is coming home to live and sleep in her bed.  (February 2011)

JBody left to go fishing this morning at 4:30. At 7:30am we received a text showing us a picture of a fish that he caught. He is saltwater fishing. Lil' E asked me where daddy was and I told him he was fishing in the ocean. He then looks at the picture again and says, "If Daddy is fishing in the ocean, why is his fish so small?" I sent this reply to JBody who then says, "That's a very good question. Tell him we are only catching the small ones." (29 August 09)

We are in the process of getting a new puppy. My parents are as well. Of course you have to wait till the puppy is old enough to come home. My parents just got a phone call saying that their puppy Maddin had recieved his shots prior to them picking him up, but had a reaction and had to go to the hospital. He wasn't doing well and they didn't know if he would make it out alright. The next day they got another call saying that Maddin had passed. I told this to the boys. Lil E got a little teary eyed and then kindly said, "Maybe Mema can share our puppy with us. She can take it for one week and then we can take it for one week and then she can take it for one week. That will make her happy." What a sweet little boy. He then called Mema and told her his plan. (28 August 09)

Many of you know JBody has very deep dimples. The other day he picked Razy up and smiled. She took her little finger and touching his dimple says, "Daddy owie?" Then she moves his face in the other direction points to the other one and says it again. Daddy got a kick out of this. (August 09)

I have been trying to lose weight. To do so I have eating a meal replacement shake for some of my meals. Well I really don't like to share these with the kids because if I am limiting my calories I want them for myself. Lil E always asks for a sip and I give it to him. One day he was putting his pants on and he says to me... "Mommy my pants don't fit, I need you to make me a shake. I need to lose weight." (August 09)

Recently my parents dog Guenther had to be put to sleep. I told the kids this and told them that Mema was very sad. Lil' E turns to me and says, "Mommy when my fish died I got a new one and I felt happy. Can we buy Mema a new puppy and she will be happy again?" (June 09)

"Mommy after I am five I am still going to love you." Lil' E (03 June 09)
He said this because I recently told him he was getting so big and I hoped he would always love me.

While sitting on the dock fishing...
Auntie Bails: "It's cold outside. I don't like the wind."
Lil' E: "You can cuddle up with me if you want Auntie Bails."
Then he scooted his little bum over to Autie Bails. (May 09)

Mommy: "Lil' E you should tell Daddy to get those flowers for mommy for mothers day"
After getting home Lil' E seemed to be upset about something finally he says..."Mommy I wanted to get you flowers for mother's day because you are so cute and I love you, but now you know." (May 09)

After punching his Daddy in the nose (Daddy told him to) Lil' E turns to him and says,
"You said ouch. That is not tough" (22 Feb. 09)

While potty training Doble, I was trying to teach him that when we go pee pee we go on the potty. I asked him, "Doble, Where do you go potty?" He answered back,
"I go pee pee in my penis." Correct, but not the answer I was looking for.(3 Feb. 09)

The boys were jumping from the couch onto the love sac and their daddy. Doble got ready to jump and right before he leapt he yelled out...
"Super Jumping Thomas"
He then turned to Razy and said she was
"Super Jumping Princess."
I never knew Thomas was a super hero (18 Jan.09)

We had another Fight Night and Lil' E was making his picks. One of the fighters fighting was nicknamed "The Irish Hand Grenade". Lil' E chose him to win. When I asked him how he would win he said...
"He's gonna throw grenades" (17 Jan.09)

Doble Thomas is at it again. I found a picture that Doble colored in Nursery. On it it had his name Doble Thomas. Silly kid really thinks his middle name is Thomas and now he is telling that to his teachers (Jan. 09)

Poor Lil' E has been short of breath lately especially when he gets sick. He woke up one morning having a coughing attack and crying that he couldn't breathe. I ran in there to check on him and give him a couple puffs from his inhaler. He told me that his heart hurt (from the coughing and breathing hard). I told him he would be alright. Then he asked in a scared little voice.
"Is my heart going to break?" Just about melt my heart. Poor little guy. (Jan. 09)

At dinner one night I went into the kitchen to grab the orange juice. While I was in there I reminded JBody that we had pie (spelling pie so the kids wouldn't realize).
"Did you remember we have P-I-E?" I said.
"You want some Pie?" said Doble.
Since when did he catch onto things like this?(Jan.09)

As many of you know my boys are HUGE Thomas fans. Doble in particular. Well Doble's middle name is Edward. One day I asked him are you Doble Edward (insert real first name in place of Doble). This was his reply...
"No, I am Doble Thomas."
I guess I should of known. Of course he was Doble Thomas. Thomas is his favorite. (Nov.08)

On UFC Fight Nights we get a bunch of people together to watch them. Everyone makes their picks and we have a contest to see who gets to "hold" the belt till the next fights. Lil' E participates as long as I let him stay up and watch. He was making his picks one night between two fighters. One of the fighters nicknames was "The Batman". Lil' E chose him to win. When I asked him how he would win he said..."He's Gonna Fly."(2008)